Kingston Poutine Feast 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to loosen your belts and break out those stretchy pants because the Kingston Poutine Feast is back and it’s cheesier than ever! This festival is a poutine lover’s paradise with every type of poutine under the sun. From classic gravy and cheese curd, to pulled pork and bacon bits, to even dessert poutine with Nutella and strawberries. We’ve got it all! And don’t even get us started on the debate between crispy fries versus soggy ones. We won’t take sides, but we will say this: no matter how you like your poutine, it’s all about that gooey, cheesy, savory goodness. So come on down to the Kingston Poutine Feast and let your taste buds run wild! Get those VIP (skip the lines) tickets early.

See the menus here.

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