Kingston Indie Scene

The Isabel IMAGINE Project Creation will feature some of Kingston’s excellent indie artists. As part of the Online Festival, you can watch and listen to some of these amazing local musicians.

There will be FREE Online Access to this show.

Acts include:

  • Moira Demorest – Kingston pianist and singer combining enthusiasm for music, live theatre, and activism performing This Time of Year
  • Emilie Steele and the Deal – Kingston sonic trio indie band performing Rose Bush, Splinter, and Roadrunner
  • Shook Planet (Ted Evans) – is a Kingston singer, songwriter and producer from Canada putting out fresh punk, rock, and electronic songs performing They Said and Kill Your Old Self
  • Kasador – Kingston indie band performing Squeeze, The City, Butterflies, and Brood and Bloom
  • Kelli Trottier – Kingston fiddler, composer, step dancer and her band performing The Cows Aren’t Coming Home, Ballytobin
  • The Gertrudes – Kingston indie folk band performing Boys Town and Parham

For more information, please see the link below.

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