Kingston Fall Fair 2014

The 184th Kingston Fall Fair takes place from September 11th, 2014 to September 14th, 2014.

The Fall Fair is open on the following hours:

September 11th: 9am-11pm
September 12th: 9am-11pm
September 13th: 8am-11pm
September 14th: 9am-4pm

The cost of entry varies depending on your age. Under 6 years old and you get in free. If you are 6-18 it costs $5. Student ID may be required. Adults it costs $7.00. These entry costs are for one day only.

If you plan on going multiple days, then you may want to purchase a 4 day admission pass as it costs the same price as 3 days entry. An adult 4 day admission pass is $21, and for students it is $15.

Parking is of course available at a cost of $2 per day.

The Fall Fair always features a variety of events and rather than speculate, we’ll update this when the schedule is released.

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