Kick & Push Festival Presents Blueberry Fever

Come and experience the enchanting live performance of “Blueberry Fever” by Karina Milech and Ben Jensen! The stage is set to welcome you into a contemporary world like no other, where the show delves into the very essence of friendship. Join in as the narrative follows the journey of three remarkable women, embracing the challenges and joys of growing older together. This coming-of-age tale for women in their 30s explores themes of grief, loneliness, the complexities of relationships, dating, and the occasional conflicts among friends. However, these experiences are not confined to a specific age group; they resonate universally across all ages. “Blueberry Fever” beautifully portrays the significance of finding your chosen family, for ultimately, that is all we truly need. So, mark your calendars and be part of this unforgettable performance, where you’ll be reminded of the power and warmth of true companionship. Get your Tickets HERE

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