Howe Island Rockin’ the Rock 2023

Beneath the broad expanse of a midsummer sky, nestled in the heart of the enchanting Thousand Islands, a transformative experience awaits the music lover’s soul. Welcome to the 2023 edition of Howe Island’s Rockin’ the Rock. This captivating one-day music festival is an exclusive ticket to the extraordinary world of Canada’s best indie rock artists, celebrated against a picturesque backdrop in an unforgettable vacation like no other.
At Rockin’ the Rock, you will find yourself in a secret garden, hidden from the humdrum of mainstream music culture. Here, the stage serves as a platform for talent that has flown under the radar, the indie gems with craft that sparkles just as bright, if not brighter. This compact outdoor venue offers an exclusive, up-close and personal experience, an intimate dance with musical prowess, lyrics written with passion and melodies designed to light the spirit within you.
In the star-studded line-up for 2023, brace yourself for the sonic cyclone that is ‘My Son The Hurricane,’ an electrifying ensemble known for their potent mix of funk, jazz, hip-hop and rock. Experience the raw, passionate soundscapes of ‘The Wilderness’ that sing a song of life, love, and longing. Bask in the soothing harmonies of ‘Kris & Dee,’ a duo whose music is a heart-touching tribute to humanity. ‘Tiny Horse’ promises to charm you with their unique blend of indie-pop and folk music, while ‘Reckless & Banded’ will have you on your feet with their unapologetically energetic tunes. Last but not least, prepare to be serenaded by ‘Bon Evans,’ whose soulful melodies tell captivating stories.
Rockin’ the Rock is more than just a festival—it’s a celebration. A celebration of art, acceptance, and inclusion that truly signifies what it means to be a part of the Canadian music scene. This festival is a free and safe space, welcoming music enthusiasts from all walks of life to partake in this unforgettable experience. The mission? To elevate Canadian Music on a local, regional, and national scale while maintaining a revenue-neutral stance to ensure that everyone, irrespective of financial capability, can access and appreciate the magic of music.
Embrace the warmth of summer, the rhythm of indie rock, and the spirit of Canadian camaraderie at Howe Island Rockin’ the Rock 2023. Mark your calendars, ready your spirit, and immerse yourself in the lyrical allure of this unique musical odyssey. Experience the magic of music and create memories that will echo in your heart long after the last chord has been strummed.Advance tickets are $34 each before June 1, or $40 regular price and are available for purchase online HERE

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