Hillary Yaas: Part-time Everything!

“Hillary Yaas: Part-time Everything!” is stand up comedy & musical parody at its best! Featuring the “campy, crass and crude” and truly “unhinged” drag queen & “part-time everything” herself, Hillary Yaas! (Appearing on OutTV’s Camp Wannakiki Fall 2022!) Her THIRD solo show she has written and produced (Rara! and the boifriend that breaked her heart up, ChroFATica!) – get ready to laugh! Because is she hilarious? Yaaaaaaas!

5 August – 8:20 PM
6 August – 1:40 PM
7 August – 8:20 PM
11 August – 6:40 PM
13 August – 7:00 PM
14 August – 8:20 PM

For more information, please see the link below.

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