Ghosts of the Fort Show

One of the most popular events the Haunted Walk of Kingston is putting on is the Ghosts of the Fort Show.

Beginning at the front gates of Fort Henry, you get a special tour through Fort Henry – a tour that was seen on Ghost Hunters. Your tour guide will take you through the spooky history of the fort, including all the supernatural stories.

There’s also stories about Deadman’s Bay and the secrets that lie within – and much more. Note that there are some areas of this tour which be a bit scary for the kids.

The show usually begins at 9pm, and goes for 90 minutes. However there are some extra scarier tours that take place beginning at 11pm and go all the way past midnight. Those take place usually every Wednesday and Saturday, except on August 8th when this does not take place, but runs the 11pm shows August 4th, 5th and 6th instead.

$16.75 is the cost – $2 less if you’re a student, and a total $4 discount for 10-14 year olds.

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