Fort Fright 2015

It’s the highlight of the Halloween season, and it’s back yet again – good ol Fort Fright up at Fort Henry.

The popularity this event has gained over the years is nothing sort of spectacular. Whether you’re an adult or a child – it’s the perfect event to attend and is popular with everyone.

Returning for 2015 will be The Vortex, and the Coffin Ride where you can be buried alive. With the latter one there are extra fees.

Also what is a great idea is you can buy a safe pass for children – with a safe pass – let’s just say they won’t be too scared.

Through October 1st-18th the event is every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then it is EVERY night from October 22nd through November 1st – again 7pm-10pm. However you need to get there at 9:30pm at the latest as that’s when the last tickets are sold.

$15 admission, $12 if military, $12 if in a group of over $10 people, $20 for an unlimited night pass.

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