Flamenco Show

Get ready to be swept away by the fiery rhythms and mesmerizing dance moves of Lia Grainger and the Flamencolía Ensemble! This talented troupe, renowned across Canada, is poised to set Hotel Wolfe Island’s patio ablaze with their passionate display of authentic flamenco. Lia Grainger, a Dora Award-nominated dancer fresh from a five-year stint in Seville – the heartland of flamenco, is joined by Tamar Ilana, a Jewish-Indigenous flamenco singer and dancer celebrated in Toronto’s world music scene, and legendary Canadian flamenco guitarist Nicolás Hernández.

Their performances are a vibrant mix of Latin, Mediterranean and contemporary influences, a sensory extravaganza that truly embodies the spirit of flamenco. And with the addition of Latin singing sensation Ana Lía, recently launching her new solo album, the ensemble promises a delightful Dominican twist to this Spanish spectacle. Don’t miss this unforgettable experience – let Flamencolía Ensemble transport you to the heart of Spain right on our patio!

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