Fawn Fritzen at McCallum Hall

Fawn Fritzen, a charismatic jazz artist based in Yukon, will be hitting the road and gracing Ontario with her unique musical talents. This tour, one full of anticipation and excitement, includes a special stop in Montreal and an unforgettable performance at the Chalmers United Church/McCallum Hall in Kingston on Thursday, June 1st.

Fawn is no ordinary artist; her diverse skills allow her to perform in her three ancestral languages: Chinese, French, and German, alongside English, creating a rich, multicultural soundscape. She has earned significant acclaim in the Canadian music scene, with Tim Tamashiro, the former host of CBC Radio‚Äôs national jazz program Tonic, dubbing her as “one of Canada’s top swingers”. Additionally, Fawn’s talent was recognized in 2014 when she won the Julian Award of Excellence for Emerging Jazz Artists.

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