Escape The Museum a Halloween Special Event

Dare to Escape the Museum This Halloween!

This Halloween, venture into the haunting realms of the Museum of Health Care and the Murney Tower Museum in Kingston and confront the spectral whispers of centuries past. On Saturday, October 21, 2023, between 3 pm and 8 pm, embrace the chilling adventure that awaits within the ancient walls where shadows twist and echoes of the trapped resonate. Legend warns of doors slamming shut, leaving behind trapped souls frantically searching for the elusive key to escape.

Embark upon a thrilling quest, navigating dim corridors alongside long-forgotten spirits, and unravel the clues to secure your passage to the world outside. With the chills of the unknown at every corner, will you succeed in unlocking the mysteries and claiming your prized key, or join the lamentable chorus of the forever trapped within these historical labyrinths?

Book your spine-tingling adventure now by visiting the Website for your free ticket. Face the challenge, dive into Kingston’s rich historical embrace, and perhaps emerge with a chilling tale of your own to whisper when the night descends. The echoes of the past are restless, awaiting your fateful step into their eternal embrace. Will you answer the call and dare to escape the museum? The legends of Kingston beckon… if you dare!

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