DWAYNE GRETZKY Live in Concert

Discover the Magic of Nostalgia with Dwayne Gretzky Live at Kingston’s Ale House!

Remember the thrill of turning the radio dial, not knowing what song might come next, only to stumble upon a melody that tugged at your heartstrings? That rush of emotion, the pure joy of serendipity — Dwayne Gretzky captures it all and brings it to the stage in a way you’ve never seen before.

Who is Dwayne Gretzky?

A musical powerhouse with over 10 members hailing from Toronto, Dwayne Gretzky isn’t just a band – it’s an experience. Their musical palette spans the spectrum of pop and rock, bringing to life timeless tracks from Fleetwood Mac to Fatboy Slim. Since their formation in 2011, they’ve brought to life over 600 classic tunes, touching the hearts of many with their fidelity, theatrical flair, and unmistakable charm.

While they have cultivated a passionate following with their incredible live performances, they’ve also ventured into the studio, blending their influences in a self-titled debut album released on August 23. This collection of reimagined covers is not just a testament to the band’s talent but also a deep dive into their eclectic musical inspirations.

Celebrating the nostalgic charm of 45rpm records, Dwayne Gretzky’s recent A-side/B-side digital singles are a nod to a bygone era. Each A-side is beautifully complemented by a contrasting B-side, offering listeners a rich and diverse sonic experience.

Why Should You See Them Live?

Dwayne Gretzky is not just about music; it’s about rekindling memories, reliving moments, and celebrating the songs that once were the anthems of our lives. It’s about shattering conventions and reminding us of the timeless power of music to connect, heal, and uplift.

So, whether you’re a fan of their innovative covers or yearn for the authentic thrill of a live rendition, there’s only one place to be on November 16th – Kingston’s own Ale House.

Event Details:

  • Date: November 16th
  • Venue: Kingston’s Ale House

Join us for a curated nostalgia trip and let Dwayne Gretzky reignite your love for the classics. Book your tickets now and dive deep into a musical journey you won’t soon forget!

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