Dave Wickerham Live Performance

On September 29, 2023, the Kingston community is in for a musical treat as the renowned organist Dave Wickerham will grace the city with a concert on our Kimball Theatre Organ, one of only three such organs in Canada. Hailing from Crystal Falls in Upper Michigan, David has traveled across the United States and Canada, mesmerizing audiences with his exceptional musical talent. We are incredibly honored and excited to host Dave for what promises to be a rewarding and memorable evening at the Korean Church, located at 89 Kirkpatrick St., Kingston, Ontario. One of David’s unique talents is his ability to seamlessly string together a series of tunes suggested by the audience during the half-time break, creating an impromptu performance that delights and amazes. This concert promises not only to be a delightful evening but one to be remembered by all. Don’t miss this chance to experience the magic of live music by one of the finest organists of our time. Click HERE to email for Tickets

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