Corks & Forks Festival

Discover Kingston Ontario’s Corks & Forks wine Festival a unique and unforgettable experience for wine enthusiasts. With more than 100 Canadian wines to sip and sample, attendees can look forward to meeting talented winemakers and learning from the country’s top Sommeliers, wine writers, and industry pros.
The festival presents the perfect opportunity to celebrate the wines produced in every region of Ontario, as well as a special selection from British Columbia and Nova Scotia. Guests can attend seminars and masterclasses to expand their knowledge and appreciation of the world of wine.
To complement the wine, some of Kingston’s finest restaurants will host Canadian winemakers for multi-course dinners, perfectly paired with the featured wines. Festival-goers can also take advantage of special accommodation packages offered by several of the city’s hotels, making it a perfect weekend getaway to explore this vibrant city while enjoying the festival to the fullest.
Corks & Forks promises to be a wine experience like no other, offering something for everyone to taste, learn, and discover. It is a weekend not to be missed. So, raise a glass of red or white and join us in discovering Canadian wines!

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