Cloud 9 Electronic Music & Eco Art Festival

Cloud 9 Electronic Music & Eco Art Festival: A Sustainable Celebration of the Future

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Step into a world where music meets sustainability, art fuses with ecology, and the future holds a vision of harmony. The Cloud 9 Electronic Music & Eco Art Festival is not just another event on your calendar but a beacon of hope and inspiration for a greener tomorrow. Set against the serene backdrop of the Rideau Lakes No.9 Gardens, this festival promises to be a mesmerizing blend of beats, beauty, and belief in a sustainable future.

Cloud 9 is more than a festival; it’s a mission. A mission championed by an enthusiastic team of young visionaries, striving to build a world where passion, pleasure, and planet coexist. Their dedication has birthed a carbon-neutral, multi-sensory celebration, where every beat that drops and every art piece displayed echoes the ethos of sustainability.

Why should you be a part of Cloud 9 2023?

  • Live Electronic Music: Get entranced by the soul-stirring tunes from artists like Sterling Grove Ellyn Woods, Ciel, Louke Man, Baile, Pascale Project, Korea town Acid, Ceremonies, and Ilan Sikorsky.
  • Engaging Workshops: Dive deep into the realms of sustainability, art, and more with sessions designed to inspire and educate.
  • Eco-Art Exhibits: Wander through outdoor exhibits that merge art with environmental consciousness.
  • Interactive Mosaic Sculpture: Lend your creative touch to a larger-than-life, collaborative piece.
  • Pop-Up Markets: Discover and support sustainable brands and products that pave the way for a greener future.

Camping under the stars, sharing meals with newfound friends, and waking up to activities that resonate with the festival’s spirit makes for a weekend experience that’s unforgettable. Join in on Friday, September 8th to settle into the camping spirit, and let the festival’s magic unfold on Saturday, September 9th, with a closing note of shared activities on Sunday morning. Tickets available HERE

And the cherry on top? Every joy, every dance, every purchase you make at Cloud 9 contributes to a larger cause. All profits from the festival will be channeled to the climate action charity, No.9.

Cloud 9 is not just a festival; it’s a movement. A call to action. A call to believe that we can revel and resonate with nature at the same time. Come, be a part of this transformative journey. A world of sustainable celebration awaits you!

Music Lineup – Saturday, September 9th:

Sterling Grove Ellyn Woods: Immerse yourself in enchanting rhythms that promise to transport you to a world of musical euphoria.
Ciel: With beats that echo the heart and soul of electronic music, Ciel promises an auditory journey like no other.
Louke Man: Dive deep into melodies that intertwine seamlessly with the festival’s sustainable spirit.
Baile: Experience an electrifying performance that promises to keep you on your feet.
Pascale Project: A fusion of modern beats and timeless rhythms, their set is not to be missed.
Korea town Acid: Delve into sounds that merge traditional tunes with contemporary beats.
Ceremonies: Let the musical tapestries woven by Ceremonies captivate your soul.
Ilan Sikorsky: Conclude your musical journey with powerful beats and melodies that echo the festival’s mission.

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