Canadian Tire National Skating Championships

January 2015 is going to be an exciting time at the Rogers K-Rock Centre, with the Canadian Tire National Skating Championships coming to town.

This will be the very first time that Kingston has hosted this prestigious event.

There are two packages available. The first package is the Junior Competition Package which takes place from January 19th, 2015 to January 22nd, 2015.

The second package is the Senior Competition Package which will take place from January 23rd, 2015 through January 25th, 2015.

The Junior Competition package will cost $40 plus your usual charges/fees, while the Senior Competition Package is $160-$185.

If you have any children 12 and under, they are also invited free of charge to attend the novice/junior events.

There are at least 250 skaters who will be performing at the event.

Tickets for the Senior event are available at ticketmaster now and are linked below. The tickets for the Junior competition are yet to go on sale.

The times of the event are yet to be determined, but when we have the details we will update this page.

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