Buskers 2016

The 2016 Buskers Festival takes place from Thursday July 7th until Sunday, July 10th.

We know a lot of out of towners come to Kingston for the Buskers. Any questions you have? Contact us on Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail. We’re happy to help with any questions!

There are both new and returning acts. Some of the returning acts include Flame Oz with their crazy pyrotechnic routines which are just amazing to see, and good ol Bandaid the Clown.

New acts include Mighty Mike – a strongman who combines years of magic, juggling and balloon sculpting into a unique show, and Nathaniel Rankin – a master magician, juggler and mind reader.

There’s also the great singer Trevor Dubois and the amazing dancer Snap Boogie and much more.

Here’s all the details of where the events are taking place:

Busker Play: This is for the kids. Location and schedule changed as of July 6th. New schedule is 11am-1pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Confederation Park.

Daytime Performances on Princess St: Between Bagot St and Wellington St it’s closed off on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 1pm-3pm for some of the best buskers performances.

Ontario Street Performances: Ontario Street will be closed to traffic for more great shows. It’s going to be Thursday and Friday 6pm-10pm, Saturday 3pm-10pm and finally Sunday 11am-6pm.

Fire Show: Who can ever forget the great fire show? Always amazing and it takes place Saturday at 10pm in the Hub which is on Princess St between Division and Barrie.

Grand Finale: The one you don’t want to miss featuring the best of the Buskers – 6pm on Sunday at Confederation Park.

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