Bones of the Earth – Paintings by LW Foden

Studio22 Open Gallery is pleased to present Bones of the Earth, a new solo exhibit by L.W. Foden, that will run from March 12th to April 13th.

Foden’s current body of work is Galiano. Bones of the Earth is a collection of paintings from his years on the Island. This is where you’ll see his ability to anthropomorphize landscape. The relationship between the rocks and the sea is captured from the vantage of his cottage on the shore. In the 20 years he spent with that view he watched the constant of the rocks and the change of the sea and imagined the lifetime they lived together before he came along.

Bones of the Earth can mean something as simple as the physical components that make up our landscape but it can — at times — be about the deeper story behind those components.

For more information, please see the link below.

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