Blue Rodeo – 30 Years In July

**Blue Rodeo Returns: “30 Years in July” Takes Kingston by Storm on October 14th**

Music enthusiasts, alt-country aficionados, and die-hard fans, mark your calendars! October 14, 2023, is a date to remember. As the fall winds whisk through the streets, Blue Rodeo will be setting the stage alight at the Leon’s Centre in Kingston, Ontario. The time? The magic begins at 8:00 PM sharp. Grab your tickets NOW!

The occasion? The *30 Years in July* tour, a monumental nod to their timeless fifth studio album, “Five Days in July”, which has enraptured fans for decades.

The alt-country scene was forever changed in the 90s with the release of “Five Days in July”. This album seamlessly blended heartfelt lyrics with mesmerizing melodies. And now, as the leaves turn golden, echoing the rich tones of Blue Rodeo’s music, fans from all over will be treated to a live rendition of this gem.

Jim Cuddy, one of the primary voices and the heart of Blue Rodeo, recently reflected on this transformative journey. “Revisiting the album is like opening a book of memories. Each song, a chapter of our lives. We can’t wait to share that intimacy with our fans once again,” Cuddy shared.

The Kingston gig on October 14th is one of the many stops on their much-anticipated tour, with other cities on the list including Montreal, Hamilton, London, Moncton, and Halifax. Each venue promises an evocative journey down memory lane, as the band performs the album in its entirety, complemented by other fan-favourites from their extensive discography.

Blue Rodeo’s journey began with humble aspirations. Entertaining people at Toronto’s iconic venue, The Horseshoe, was their version of peak success. But destiny had grander plans. With several hits and countless concerts under their belt, they’ve become a significant chapter in Canada’s music history book.

Greg Keelor, another of the band’s driving forces, shared his feelings about their journey. “Looking back, it’s surreal. From strumming at The Horseshoe to filling arenas nationwide, it’s been a dream we never knew we had, but are so grateful to be living.”

As the *30 Years in July* tour approaches, there’s a collective resonance in the air. Whether you’re a seasoned Blue Rodeo fan or someone new to their sound, the evening of October 14th promises an unparalleled musical experience. So, Kingston, brace yourselves – a musical tidal wave, filled with memories, melodies, and magic, is heading straight for you.

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