Blue Marble Learning Turtle Trails

Blue Marble Learning Scene is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Turtles Kingston to launch the highly anticipated Turtle Trails program. This engaging activity allows participants to embark on a fascinating journey, starting as a humble egg and progressing through crucial stages such as hatching, navigating the search for water, avoiding predators, and crossing treacherous roads. The adventure culminates in the unique experience of laying your own eggs. Alongside the excitement and enjoyment, Turtle Trails offers valuable lessons on becoming a true Turtle Warrior, imparting knowledge about safely assisting turtles in crossing roads and protecting their precious nests. Whether you’re a kindergartener or in grades 1-8, this activity is suitable for all ages and takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. The program can be facilitated indoors or outdoors, providing flexibility and ensuring an enriching educational experience for all participants.

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