Blood River By Chloë Whitehorn

“Blood River” by Chloë Whitehorn: A Gripping Tale of Women’s Agency in a Distorted World

Imagine a world where the hard-fought battles for women’s health rights are reversed. Where Roe v. Wade is but a distant memory and the demarcation between religion and state has completely eroded. This is the evocative backdrop for Chloë Whitehorn’s newest play, “Blood River”, set to make its world premiere at Theatre Kingston this October. Get your Tickets Here

“Blood River” isn’t just a narrative—it’s a clarion call. It tells the poignant tale of three women entwined by circumstance and history. Karen, a daring woman who rows her boat across a river, seeking refuge in a state where women are granted the agency over their own bodies. Cybele, a young woman bred in a world of staunch religious conservatism, only to have her personal circumstances force her to challenge every belief she’s ever held. And then there’s Diane, Cybele’s mother, battling with the juxtaposition of her past friendships and the moral challenges of her present, as she grapples with the realization that the world she helped mold is on the brink of consuming her own child.

Commissioned by Theatre Kingston, Whitehorn intricately weaves these stories to underscore the constant battle for women’s rights and the looming threats posed by patriarchal politics. It is a piece that prompts contemplation, sparks conversation, and stirs the soul.

The schedule is as follows:

Oct 25-27 & 31, Nov 1-4 & 7-10: 7:30 PM
Oct 28, 29, Nov 4, 5 & 11: 2:30 PM
Reserve your seats now to embark on this deeply moving journey, as Whitehorn’s masterpiece explores the resilience of women, the fragility of freedom, and the enduring spirit of resistance. If there’s one play to watch this year, “Blood River” is it. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this groundbreaking production.

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