August Kingston Live music

YGK live music listing for the month of August 2023.

Big Month in Music featuring Howe Island Rockin’the Rock 2023 And Music in the Park every week @ Confederation Park

Live Music will be updated through out the month and sent out every Thursday on social media.

Be sure to check with each venue prior to attending a show as plans change, sometimes with just hours before the show.



Aug 1st Music in the Park: Dennis Bouwman @ Confederation Park
Aug 1st Clara Smallman, Sarah Zanibbi @ Something in the water brewing company
Aug 2nd Jake Unger @ The Creekside Bar
Aug 3rd Courtyard Concert Series: Jenica Rayne, Lynne Hanson @ The GastroBar
Aug 3rd David Hale @ R.C.H.A club
Aug 3rd Downtown Country: Ambush @ Confederation Park (evening)
Aug 3rd Music in the Park: Teagan McLaren @ Confederation Park (afternoon)
Aug 3rd Jordy Jackson @ The creekside Bar
Aug 3rd Clear Breeze @ Hotel Wolfe Island
Aug 4th KIERAN ROBINSON @ Caesar Co.
Aug 4th T-Rex Marathon, 3Thirty3, Nero Nero, Mason FM @ The Mansion
Aug 4th Blue Skies Music Festival @ Clarendon
Aug 4th Smokin’ Roosters @ R.C.H.A club
Aug 4th The China Cat Riders @ Hotel Wolfe Island
Aug 4th Yan-Nick Michaud @ Skeleton park brewery
Aug 4th Chris Strang @ Tir nan og
Aug 4th Big Band Fridays: Taylor Donaldson @ Springer Market square
Aug 5th The Astros, Oakridge Ave @ The Mansion
Aug 5th Youth Gonna Rock II: Interrobang, Switzerville Sound @hotel Wolfe Island
Aug 5th Kakaow Shandar Bill Jobs @ Musiikki Cafe
Aug 5th Elvis Impersonator @ Royal Tavern 2.0
Aug 5th Quentin Coughtrey @ Spearhead brewery
Aug 5th Sweet Pete & The Heat @ tir Nan og
Aug 6th Whiskey Smoke @ Spearhead brewery
Aug 6th Sunday Afternoons with Savannah Shea @ Musiikki cafe
Aug 6th Deb Feeley @ The Creekside bar
Aug 8th Music in the Park: The Kim Pollard Band @ Confederation Park
Aug 8th Melón Jiménez, Lara Wong Trio @ Hotel Wolfe Island
Aug 10th Music in the Park: Bob Robertson, Dave Barton @ Confederation Park (afternoon)
Aug 10th Downtown Country: Clem Chesterfield @ Confederation Park
Aug 10th Jordy Jackson @ Creekside Bar
Aug 10th Playing with Fire, Yours Truly, Freddie Freeloader @ The Mansion
Aug 10th Frank Ryan & Havona @ Toucan
Aug 11th Los Garcias Trio @ R.C.H.A club
Aug 11th Scott Owen @ The Creekside Bar
Aug 11th Echoes, Stun Seed @ Royal Tavern 2.0
Aug 11th Big Band Fridays: The Dixie Six @ Springer Market Square
Aug 11th Voodoo Rockfest: 5 Against One, Hollow Core, Joan Smith & the Jane Does, Vilivant, Sierra Pilot, The Flamingos Pink @ 795 Wing Road Asselstine Ontario
Aug 12th Voodoo Rockfest: 5 Against One, Hollow Core, Joan Smith & the Jane Does, Vilivant, Sierra Pilot, The Flamingos Pink @ 795 Wing Road Asselstine Ontario
Aug 12th Chelsea Road Duo @ R.C.H.A Club
Aug 12th Music in the Park: Los Garcias @ Confederation Park (Afternoon)
Aug 12th The Bullock Band @ The Creekside Bar
Aug 13th Ronley Teper and The Lipliners @ Hotel Wolfe Island
Aug 13th Motel Ben with KaKaow @ The Mansion
Aug 15th Music in the Park: Limestone Trio @ Confederation Park
Aug 16th Los Garcias @ Hotel Wolfe Island
Aug 16th Quirks of Human Nature @ Royal Tavern 2.0
Aug 17th The Royal Jam @ Blu Martini
Aug 17th Nick Maclean Quartet @ R.C.H.A Club
Aug 17th Downtown Country: Courtney Kane @ Confederation Park
Aug 17th Logan Brown @ Caesar Co.
Aug 17th FieldBlur, Savannah Shea, Elliot Sinclair @ The Mansion
Aug 17th Jordy Jackson @ Creekside BarAug 17th Standards@7 @ Hotel Wolfe Island
Aug 17th Neil Carter @ Tir Nan Og
Aug 17th Lucanus @ Musiikki Cafe
Aug 18th Christopher Jackson & Friends @ Blu Martini
Aug 18th Silver Pools, Ten Moon @ Hotel Wolfe Island
Aug 18th Powder Finger @ R.C.H.A club
Aug 18th Yan-Nick Michaud @ Juniper Cafe
Aug 18th Texas Tuxedo @ Caesar Co
Aug 18th Stand Up Double: Lisa Leeman, Logan Willits @ Royal Tavern 2.0
Aug 18th No Limits @ Royal Tavern 2.0 (Late show)
Aug 18th Big Band Fridays @ Springer Square Market
Aug 18th Stone City Kings @ The Merchant Tap House
Aug 19th JazzAgeJazz @ R.C.H.A Club
Aug 19th The HiFalutin Joneses @ Creekside bar
Aug 19th DND Jazz @ Hotel Wolfe Island
Aug 19th The Crime Family @ Hotel Wolfe Island (late show)
Aug 19th Frank Ryan Band @ Tir Nan Og
Aug 20th Nolan Hubbard Live @ Caesar Co.
Aug 20th Neil Carter @ Spearhead Brewery
Aug 20th Back to the Farm Beer & Music Festival @ MacKinnon Bros. Brewery Grandstand
Aug 23rd Upon A Burning Body, As The Structure Fails @ Broom Factory
Aug 24th Backseat Dragon, Sorry Snowman, The Astros @ Broom factory
Aug 24th Limestone City Blues Fest: Big Mo & The Blues Mission @ R.C.H.A Club
Aug 24th Mawbs @ Hotel Wolfe Island
Aug 24th Limestone City Blues Fest: Mississippi Grover, Saul T. Doggs, Jeff Dunn @Royal Tavern
Aug 25th Limestone City Blues Fest: The Freake Blues Band, Engine 10-95 @ R.C.H.A Club

Aug 25th Colleen Brown @ Hotel Wolfe Island
Aug 25th Willy Nilly @ Juniper Cafe
Aug 25th Limestone City Blues Fest: Paula Wood Band Royal Tavern 2.0
Aug 25th Limestone City Blues Fest: Reconsider Baby @ Royal Tavern 2.0 (Late show)
Aug 26th Limestone City Blues Fest: Jerome Tucker @ R.C.H.A club
Aug 26th Little Betty @ Creekside Bar
Aug 26th Limestone City Blues Fest: Theresa Malenfant @ Royal Tavern
Aug 27th RasberryJAN @ Hotel Wolfe Island
Aug 31st Beats Workin’ @ R.C.H.A Club
Aug 31st Jon Hines @ Hotel Wolfe Island
Aug 31st Neil Carter @ Tir Nan Og
Aug 31st Drag Show @ Royal Tavern 2.0

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