Dive into a World of Art at the ART PARTY Pop-Up!

Unlock the doors to creative splendor at the ART PARTY Pop-Up, centered in the vibrant pulse of Downtown Kingston! This event, unfolding from September 28 to October 1, invites art enthusiasts and curious beginners alike to explore a thoughtfully curated array of affordable original art, with an exciting majority priced under $150. Experience the eclectic talents of local artists such as Zakary Georges Gagne, Alanna Hakim of LaRosa Studio, and many more, showcasing their unique and compelling works of art. In a heartfelt tribute to Truth and Reconciliation Day, a fraction of the event’s proceeds will generously support the Kingston Native Centre & Language Nest. Embark on this artistic journey at 77 Princess Street, Floor 2, and indulge in the chance to not only enhance your own space with a unique art piece but also uplift local artists and contribute to a significant cause. Let your artistic adventure begin at the ART PARTY Pop-Up, where every stroke, color, and form tells a story waiting to unfold in your presence. Mark your calendars and let’s celebrate art together!
Thursday, September 28: 10AM-4PM
Friday, September 29: 10AM-4PM & 7PM-10PM
Saturday, September 30: 10AM-5PM
Sunday, October 1: 11AM-4PM

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