A Perfect Bowl of Pho

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of “A Perfect Bowl of Pho,” a theatrical delight that is a part of the annual Push and Pull Festival. This dynamic performance takes you on a journey with Nam, a Vietnamese Canadian university student whose quest to write a musical about his diaspora spirals into a genre-bending exploration of thousands of years of history. Watch as the stage comes to life with rapping ancient kings, communist spies, dancing sharks and refugees, and even awkward first dates unfolding in the backdrop of a suburban setting. Through it all, Nam grapples with the profound question of what pho, the food and the show, truly represents.

This is not your ordinary theatre event; it is an exploration of identity, a celebration of culture, and a humorous reflection on our shared humanity. “A Perfect Bowl of Pho” is set to run from August 9th to the 12th, with an extra shows scheduled for the 12th at 3 pm and 8 pm. Don’t miss out on this amazing journey through history, human connection, and of course, the perfect bowl of Pho, held at the magnificent Kingston Grand Theatre. Be prepared to question if all this isn’t just a bunch of silly soup songs, as Nam finds himself caught between his characters, each presenting their own arguments about what pho truly represents. Dive into this beautiful concoction of stories, cultures, and emotions at the Push and Pull Festival, and let “A Perfect Bowl of Pho” serve you a taste of the extraordinary. Grab your tickets HERE

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