A musical tribute to James Taylor and Carole King

Relive the Magic of Carole King and James Taylor with ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ Band! Join us on Sunday, October 22 at 2pm at The Broom Factory for a breathtaking musical journey. Celebrate the iconic legacies of James Taylor and Carole King, brought to life by the remarkable group:You’ve Got a Freind band
Anna Sudac/ vocals – Doug Reansbury/ guitar, vocals
Jamie Campbell/ guitar, vocals – Ken Hall/ keyboards
Zak Colbert/ Bass – Duncan Holt/ Drums – James Wannamaker/ Sax

Known for their dynamic on-stage synergy, the band flawlessly capture the soul and essence of these music legends. Dive deep into nostalgia with classics such as “How Sweet It Is,” “Carolina in My Mind,” and the timeless “You’ve Got a Friend.” Don’t miss this unparalleled tribute, a testament to the enduring spirit of friendship and music. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE

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