A Beach in the Sun

The Domino Theatre, in collaboration with the talented director Sara Beck, is thrilled to present “A Bench in the Sun,” a heartwarming play that will touch the hearts of theater enthusiasts and friends alike. From September 7th to September 23rd, the audience will be transported to the charming retirement home where Harold and Burt, long-time friends, spend their days engaged in playful bickering on a bench in the serene garden. Their lives take a delightful turn when a once-famous actress moves in, providing them with a new subject for their banter. However, their tranquility is disrupted when news of the retirement home’s impending sale shakes their world, leaving them with no choice but to find a new residence. United by their friendship and determined to preserve the place they call home, the trio embarks on a heartwarming journey to prevent this upheaval. Don’t miss this enchanting performance at The Davies Foundation Auditorium, 52 Church St. Kingston Ontario, for an unforgettable evening of theatrical magic that celebrates the enduring power of friendship and the beauty of life’s simplest moments. Secure your seats now and join the enchanting world of “A Bench in the Sun.”

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