3rd Annual Food Fiesta

If you like food, then it’s good to live in Kingston! Along with an incredible selection of franchise restaurants, we also feature a lot of great local businesses and many, many events circulating around food.

One of the best ones is Lovin Spoonful’s Food Fiesta. The last two events have been extremely popular and now we have the 3rd event this year!

The place to be for the 3rd annual Food Fiesta is Lake Ontario Park, from 5pm-8pm.

Food will be provided by many local businesses such as the Big Smoke Food Truck, Pan Chanco, Wolfe Island Bakery, The Tamale Girl and many more. No matter what your food tastes is you’ll find it here.

The event is donation entry, as it’s a fund rasier for Loving Spoonful.

Question: I live in Ottawa. If I was to come to the Food Fiesta by train, how far from the train station is the Lake Ontario Park? Would I be able to walk from the train or is there a city bus which connects the two? If so, how much does the bus cost and is the service back to the train after 8 pm? (I still have not checked the train schedules).

Answer: Unless you’re big into walking it’s not an option – Lake Ontario Park is about 6k away so over an hour walk and that’s with the most direct route where there aren’t many sidewalks etc.

The Food Fiesta is at 5pm. Trains to Kingston would get you there from Ottawa at 2:46pm and 5:05pm. Those are the closest times.

There is a return train after 8pm. It is 9:12pm, getting you in to Ottawa at 11:12pm.

There are numerous bus options for you, generally involving one transfer or a bit of a walk. It would also depend what time you arrive at etc.

If you click this link it should hopefully bring up all available bus schedules and options for you – although Google Maps can be a bit confusing 🙂

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