Get ready to be enthralled by the breathtaking beauty and thrilling speed of the world’s most powerful boats at the 36th Annual 1000 Islands Kingston Poker Run, Canada’s largest waterfront festival. Over 40,000 spectators will line the shores of the beautiful St. Lawrence River on August 5th to take in this exhilarating event, one of the world’s first Poker Runs America sanctioned events.

This year, the festival takes a revolutionary leap forward with the addition of “Electric Avenue,” a dazzling display of cutting-edge Electric Vehicle (EV) technology. This special section will showcase everything from EV automobiles and boats to cutting-edge accessories.

Highlights of the “Electric Avenue” display will include the latest Aviator outboard motors from Mercury Marine, BMW Kingston’s newest EV automobiles, and Kingston boat dealers presenting the latest in marine EV technology. The spectacular Axopar boat, along with two of the world’s fastest boats, My Way and Aqua-Mania, are anticipated to make an appearance.

The 1000 Islands region has always been a paradise for boaters, and the City of Kingston, Ontario, has consistently been a fantastic host for this stellar event. Over 80 performance boats will be docked at Kingston’s Confederation Basin Marina for public display on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. There is also a chance for you to see these majestic machines up close, either on the docks until 10 pm Friday or during the downtown street boat display and exhibits in the park.

Adding to the excitement, a jumbo movie screen will be on the street both nights, showcasing poker run highlights and thrilling helicopter-captured footage. Watch (and listen to) the powerful roars of the boats during the official poker run start at 10 am on August 5th, or catch them on their return around 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm.

The public is also invited to the poker run card unveiling, free of charge, at 8 pm on Saturday in front of the Blu Martini Restaurant and Bar. Here, a Jumbotron screen will show highlights of the day’s action.

Don’t miss out on this unparalleled blend of speed, beauty, and technology. Join us at the 1000 Islands Kingston Poker Run, where the world of boating meets the future of electric innovation. It promises to be a spectacle like no other!

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