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5 Things to Consider Before You Choose a New Online Casino

Nowadays, there are thousands of casino sites online that provide an immersive gambling experience to their members. But, there are also fraudulent sites or sites that don’t invest a lot of time and effort to take care of their members—this is why it’s very important to play on reliable online casinos like, for example. Here we provide an overview of five important factors you need to take into consideration before you register on a new online casino.

Legitime Casino Sites

Reputable online casinos hold a license or multiple licenses issued by licensing authority like the Government of Gibraltar, Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, among others. You should look for the license of the casino in the ‘About’ section of the website, or in the footer on the site. When you play on a site that has a valid license, you’ll be glad to know that it is a reliable casino that works according to the latest regulations and laws.

Safe Casino Site

When you play on casino sites, you make deposits and withdraw your funds, which requires sensitive information, like your bank account number and personal data. Also, many casino sites require verification documents to verify your account, upon your first withdrawal request or deposit. This is another reason why you should play on sites that have an SSL certificate, which means that they use 128-bit SSL encryption technology. Hence, you can rest assured that your data is safe.

Customer Support

Good casino sites have a reliable customer support team that you can contact by multiple methods. Preferably, they are available 24/7 but also see if you can reach them via phone, email, or a live chat option.

This is a very important factor, as you can encounter different issues like forgetting your password or problem with your withdrawal request, either way, you might have questions and problems that require immediate attention, and then you need direct communication and prompt response by a customer support representative.

Exclusive Benefits and Promotions

If you already have more experience, then it’s good to evaluate the loyalty program of the casino. There are casino sites that offer special VIP treatment for their loyal members, such as special bonuses, same-day withdrawals, exclusive gifts, and other advantages. You can compare multiple sites and see what offers are appealing to you.

Otherwise, a lot of casino sites have ongoing promotions and offers available for regular guests. They can have seasonal offers, free spins, among other promotions. But, make sure you also take the time to read the terms and conditions before you make your decision.

Payment Options

Before you register on a casino site, check their payment options for deposits and withdrawals. You might be more comfortable to play on a site that has payment methods you use on a daily basis like PayPal, for instance. Furthermore, you need to check the casino’s deposit and withdrawal terms. For example, make sure you know how much is the withdrawal limit and the minimum amount you need to deposit before you start playing.

Why Choose an Online Casino Over a Traditional One

The world of casinos is one unmatched by any other out there. The magic that typically flows through the air brings a sense of wonder and excitement that keeps players constantly coming back for more. It’s not surprising that many can’t resist the glitz and glamour of a luxurious casino, they were created to entice people as much as they can after all, yet in the digital age, it seems that online casinos are quite the contender. These websites have been only growing since their humble beginnings, and here’s why that is and why you should consider playing in one.

With everything going on in the world right now, and casinos such as the one in Gananoque closed down, more and more people are looking into playing at online casinos.

As someone who has played at online casinos for years, I thought it would benefit people to give a quick write-up on the benefits of online casinos over a traditional casino.

A Variety of Options

Sure traditional casinos have a certain charm to them, but when it comes to online casinos, it’s the options that people love. While we can be limited by the choices of parlors in our near vicinity, with online casinos we have the whole internet in our grasp. Finding a casino you fancy and playing from the comfort of your own home is as easy as pie. All you need is the web address for some of the best like and you’re on your way.

When it comes to the magic of online casinos, not only can you pick and choose the website you’d like to visit, but you have a larger pool of games to enjoy. Traditional casinos are often limited by physical space and can only host so many games, but with online casinos, this isn’t a problem. You can find thousands of games on a single website and play to your heart’s contempt.

Frequent Promotions

One of the things players love most about online casinos is the fact that they frequently run different types of promotions that are sure to enhance your experience. Thanks to these hefty bonuses, players can enjoy a lot more time playing their favorite games, and often have an increased chance of winning big thanks to the extra credits they’re provided.

Bonuses aren’t the only thing that players can typically find in online casinos though. It’s not unusual to see online casinos hosting tournaments or holiday-themed events that commonly garner a large jackpot. The good thing about these tournaments is that anyone can participate for a chance at the gold as long as they meet the minimum requirements, which aren’t hard to achieve.

A Different Kind of Luxury

As mentioned previously, one of the biggest reasons people visit casinos is because they easily make you feel like a million bucks. Online casinos aren’t a physical place so they might be lacking a bit in this department, but they do offer a different type of luxury that you can surely enjoy. Online casino websites are in most cases designed to be eye-catching and beautiful.

Through their graceful design and seamless functioning across different platforms, they simulate to the best of their power a feeling of elegance that gets people comfortable when enjoying their games. For those that truly can’t do without the casino atmosphere, Live Casinos are a great option that might be comforting.

March Madness in Kingston in 2020!

March in Kingston in 2020 is just a great month with so many excellent events taking place.

Plus we DO have our own “March Madness” in the form of the Harlem Globetrotters at the end of the month! Always a fun show.

We of course have the Brier. The Kingston Canadian Film Festival. Kevin McDonald! Queen: It’s A Kinda Magic. Miz Cracker. And oh so much more.

A great time to live in Kingston with such an awesome variety of events. Let’s hope the weather is nice so we can go out without our big coat and boots to some of these events.

Feb Fest 2020 In Review

Feb Fest 2020 is underway in Kingston and I just wanted to take the time to say what a great job the City of Kingston has been doing in regard to Feb Fest.

Up until 2017, Feb Fest was only a weekend event. It would take place over the course of 3 days. It was fairly basic with hockey, skating, snow forts, a slide and a maze.

Heck does anyone remember the 2016 Feb Fest disaster? The weather was brutal that weekend but not in the way we are used to. There was no snow! So all the plans for Feb Fest 2016 that involved snow, such as the snow sculpture competition and the ice slide? All had to be canceled!

2018 was the first year that the city realized “Hey – February lasts a whole month so why can’t we?”

So instead of just a weekend long event, we have a month long event. And as the years have passed, we have seen more and more additions to it.

The evolution of Feb Fest in 2020 however is fantastic and I hope the city keeps this up going forward.

Theme skate nights every Tuesday is a great idea. Disney Theme Skate on February 11th for example. This is the type of thing that will bring out different audiences and that’s smart.

Then the Toast to Tapas where every week it’s a different event. Week 3 is Beer Theme Week for example. Week 4 is Bacon Theme Week. Something that brings people out of their element.

It’s been fun walking downtown and seeing people enjoying the Wagon Rides on Saturdays. Then we’ve had events such as the Maple Leafs Fan Zone and the entire Hockey weekend and Hockey Day in Kingston. Or events to get people into new things such as learning to skate, come play shinny etc.

I really like that they incorporated Family Day into this on the 17th. It’s good to have more Family Day events around the city. As a father myself with two kids I’ve found it tough at times over the years with only a few family day events, they are always busy. Now with more events such as Family Day activities in Feb Fest, I have the option of going to that or knowing that more people will be attending that, leaving there to be more events at other events around the city.

Family Day for Feb Fest 2020 is an excellent event for those who aren’t aware of it – it’s all focused on 10am-2pm. There are numerous activities and games, roasting marshmallows, a family skate of course, wagon rides and my personal favourite – Improbable Escapes games.

I do think they can do more for Feb Fest however it is always evolving and I hope that continues to evolve. I know it’s difficult to do outdoor events with the weather but it’s also good to encourage people to get out. The weather has been hit or miss in February but there have been some warm days as well where there has been no problem getting out.

It’d be nice if there was some sort of warm tent set up where people could take a break from the cold weather for a bit. Maybe just full of art for the kids to do, some online slots UK for the adults or some books to read. I know the library is close by so it’d be cool if they could get involved in it in some manner.

Either way, Feb Fest 2020 has been a heck of a success and I am looking forward to seeing what the city brings us next year.

Notable February 2020 Events in Kingston, Ontario

I feel like February is always a sleeper month in YGK.

The weather is not good and people aren’t motivated to go out. However we end up with a lot of great events that some may not be aware of.

This month for example we’ve got Feb Fest which is all month long, and the Reelout Queer Film Festival. We’ve also got individual events such as the great magician David Johnson, Gerry Dee and the Not So Newlywed Game.

We’ve got some great events for kids such as Mini Pop Kids and the Frozen Valentines Craft.

Here’s a look at just some of the great events taking place in Kingston this month:

January 2020 Events in Kingston

If you ever want to run an event in Kingston and are worried about the competition, then run it in January! Trust me on that.

January is always the quietest month for events going on in Kingston.

However there’s still quite a few solid events taking place.

The highlight of the month for me is Kingston Magician David Johnson who will be running TWO shows. Be sure not to miss them.

Here’s a look at what else is going on in the month:

New Years Eve 2019 / 2020 in Kingston

In this article I’m going to cover what is going on at New Years Eve in Kingston.

This will be of course the evening of December 31st, 2019 and then January 1st, 2020.

If there is something you are looking to attend be sure to check with the venue first! Events are subject to change or they may be selling tickets only.

This will cover any bars who have announced what bands are playing, or any other festivities going on as well as anything else that is open at that time.

If a bar or venue isn’t listed it’s because we haven’t been able to find out what’s going on there. If you have anything to add to this list, fire it over to so we can add it.

You may want to check with each venue in case they require or recommend reservations. I will update this page as new events come in.

K-Town Countdown: Hosted by the City of Kingston. It takes place at the INVISTA Centre. Free activities from 5pm-9pm are public skating, a DJ Skate party, ice dancing and figure skating performances, and self-guided visits of the Original Hockey Hall of Fame.

There will be various activities and performers such as a hypnotist, glitter tattoos, magic shows, and a mobile hair salon.

There will NOT be fireworks downtown by the City of Kingston this year due to their focus on the events at the INVISTA Centre.

There is a New Years Eve Gong Meditation at Kopi-Fit Studio.

Here’s what’s going on at other venues in YGK:

  • Ambassador: Ambush
  • Blu Martini: Best NYE Bash in Town wiith Funkyard.
  • Curling Club: NYE Rock and Roll Dance Party
  • Italo-Canadian Club: New Year’s Eve Gala
  • Little Texas: All Country New Year’s Eve featuring Rob Donaldson Band, Jordy Jackson, Courtney Kane.
  • Merchant: DJ T-Max.
  • Musiikki: New Years Party
  • Raxx: NYE Bash with Rudy & Saddle Up
  • RCHA: New Years Leave. Tango Group, Hat Trick, David Hurley.
  • Red House: NYE Dance Party (See their Facebook for Tickets)
  • Spearhead: Casino Night
  • Toucan: NYE with China Cat Riders.

If a bar or pub isn’t listed above it’s still likely they are doing something for New Years. They just haven’t announced it that we can see yet. If you know of anything help us out by e-mailing with details.

You could always make your way out to the casino in Gananoque which will be open, although haven’t announced what promotions are going on there yet. Or if you feel like gambling but don’t want to leave the house, check out some of the recommended online casinos at

Let’s get the biggest list possible of New Years Eve events! E-mail me or send me a tweet @EventsYGK

December 2019 & Christmas Events in Kingston

Welcome to the December 2019 listing of what is happening in Kingston, Ontario.

Obviously there are a lot of events taking place for the holiday season. The Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol, the Holiday Market and so much more. I’m looking forward to checking out Elf: The Musical.

I thought what we would do this time around is list all of the events related to Christmas etc, and then a separate section below that for other events. And if you know of any events we aren’t listing please send them to

Here’s the key events taking place in YGK in December 2019:

Festive Events

Other Events:

New Years Eve Events:

November 2019 Featured Events in Kingston

November in Kingston is always a good time. The weather isn’t too bad yet usually and with the holiday season just around the corner, there’s lots of great events such as markets taking place.

Always a great time being able to support local artists and businesses in that way.

We’ve also got live music, the Santa Parade, comedians, many great Christmas themed shows, some great kids shows and much more.

Here’s the highlights of what’s taking place in Kingston in November 2019:

Best Escape Rooms in Kingston, Ontario

Escape Rooms are something very fun to do – whether it be with friends, family or complete strangers.

While I usually attend escape rooms with friends or family, occasionally I’ve participated in escape rooms with strangers. If I’m visiting a city and have time to kill for example. And it’s surprisingly fun.

I’ve been to escape rooms all over the world. They’re something I have found very fun to participate in and I usually try one out when visiting anywhere.

I’m proud to say that although Kingston only has a couple of escape rooms, they go all out and are right up there with the best of the best.

In this article I’ll list in alphabetical order the escape rooms in Kingston.

Improbable Escapes: Improbable Escapes was the first escape room in Kingston and have consistently offered up a phenomenal experience. Their escape rooms are family friendly and for everybody to enjoy.

They strive to have as many games as they can be fully accessible, although can’t promise that for all games.They are always coming up with new games and have ran themed escape rooms at Fort Henry and Murney Tower, as well as various other locations. For more details on Improbable Escapes, see their website.

Sherlock’s Escapes: Have you ever wanted to be Sherlock Holmes? Then you can try at Sherlock’s Escapes. Their games are always themed in that regard and can be related to each other.

They also have ran themed escape rooms in the past at other locations, such as at Spearhead Brewery where you would do a 30 minute escape room, get a brewery tour and a beer. They accomodate birthday parties as well. For more details, visit their website.

Note that the Improbable Escapes teams are expanding, and in November 2019 will have a new escape room at the West End entitled Wonderland Escape Rooms & Board Game Lounge. I’l update this article when it launched.

So while we only have a few escape rooms, we don’t really need more for a city this size. The escape rooms in Kingston are an excellent experience, and well worth visiting. Much better than sitting in your basement playing slots all night long isn’t it?

So grab some friends and go experience one of these escape rooms. If it’s your first time don’t worry – the staff at these locations are great at welcoming beginners and teaching them the ropes. Most people who attend escape rooms are first timers, and they’ll be sure to give you full instructions and help you out when needed.

Good luck!