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Q&A with Chad McNamara

In Common The Musical is on stage at the Royal Theatre in Gananoque with one performance nightly through to closing night, August 17.

We highly recommend this new show, which received standing ovations in its opening week!

Here is a Q&A with Chad McNamara, the director and choreographer for In Common.

And for more about the story, music and creative team, visit

Q: What does your role entail?

A: My role is director and choreographer. My job is to take the words that are on the page and create something visual. Often when you read a book, your imagination takes on a pivotal role, setting the scene, what the town looks like, where the characters live etc. This was my job, to take this beautiful story and translate to the stage. My goal was to allow my imagination to run free and create something we can all talk about after.

Q: Before rehearsals, how do you prepare?

A: Before rehearsals began, I read the script as many times as I could stand too, sometimes twice a day. My vision for the show kept changing, in fact, my fully realized thought and vision for how I wanted to tell this story didn’t come until a week into rehearsals. I allowed the actors to have a voice and I knew before that’s how I wanted to work. I wanted it to be special for each actor so that we can create these characters for the first time together.

Q: What happens at rehearsals?

A: A day of rehearsal was usually an open conversation of the previous work, and how we felt about it the next day… sometimes I would change a scene or musical number completely from the day previous. I asked the cast for patience and an open mind. There was a lot of music to learn, so many days it was constantly going back to the piano to learn something that may have been rewritten that morning.

Q: In Common The Musical is a new piece. What are the rewards and challenges of working on a new musical?

A: I love working on new work. It’s exciting, scary and nerve wracking – but so rewarding and fulfilling. You never know how people will react, and there is always a point where you have to let go and let it be. It’s very scary because you work on something for so long and put so much thought and care into it, and you risk one person saying, “I didn’t like that.” It’s hard but at the same time, that’s what makes theatre so awesome. Everyone can take what they want out of it. I chose to tell the story a certain way, I wanted the audience to go on a journey and have questions at intermission. This was a gamble as I chose to rearrange some scenes within the show – but it paid off. I have heard and listened in on many conversations wondering what is happening, some thinking it’s all a dream, some wondering if a certain person is dead and just in our head… all of those things are exactly what I wanted. Then we get all the answers in Act Two.

Q: And then it’s opening night. How does that feel for you as director/choreographer?

A: Opening night was awesome. Nothing was better than seeing your hard work performed on stage with a full house, and a standing ovation. I loved the many different reactions, everything from, “that’s so cool” to people crying in their seats. It affected different people in different ways. I am so excited to see how it touches different people.

In Common is on stage at Royal Theatre Thousand Islands until Saturday August 17.

Tickets available at

Kingston audiences were introduced to In Common at a staged reading of Act One at the 2019 Kingston Storefront Fringe Festival.

Cast: Caitlyn Acheson, Clifford Atwell, Mitchell Bruce, Blake Crawford, Taylor Faye, Liz Horton, Sasha Knox, Lily Lachapelle, Emily Masurkevitch, Jordan Sabola, Monique Stinchcombe, Ajah Tanis

Interviewer: Heidi Stock, Writer/Producer, In Common The Musical
Music Director/Arranger: Aaron Eyre
Assistant Director/Choreographer: Bethany Papadopoulos
Stage Manager: Rachel Marks

August 2019 Featured Events in Kingston

August is always such an incredible month of the year in Kingston, and this year it’s no different.

If you’re a music fan we’ve events such as the Blues Festival, Moist and Voodoo Rockfest just to name a few.

Then there’s great annual events such as the Limestone City Car Show, the Women’s Art Festival and the Teddy Bears Picnic.

Here’s a look at just SOME of the great events taking place in Kingston this month:

Featured June 2019 Events in Kingston

June is here, the weather is getting better (allegedly) and that means we get to see a lot more great events and festivals taking place in YGK over the next couple of months.

June through September is always an incredible month in Kingston and if you like to go out to events, you’re going to be very busy!

Here’s what is going on in Kingston in June 2019. And a quick personal note – please be sure to support the Chinlock Wrestling Event. These guys do an incredible job and it’s going to be a super fun night. Even if you’re not a fan of wrestling you’ll have fun meeting legends and watching the wrestling.

Here is a listing of the more notable events taking place in Kingston in June:

Featured Events:

Featured May 2019 Events in Kingston

May in YGK is always a good time. The patios are open, and the weather gives us the good days and the bad days. While two days of straight rain are never fun, it helps us appreciate the beautiful days all the more.

Summer is when things get crazy with events in Kingston, but May is still pretty solid with something for everyone!

To kickstart the month we’ve got the Juvenis Festival and the Homegrown Live Music Festival. We’ve for Art After Dark later in the month, as well as the Science Rendevous.

How about Hacksaw freakin Jim Duggan hosting a Wrestlemania trivia night? Or the Fort Henry Opening Day?

(And if there’s an event we’re missing from our events calendar then please let us know)

Here’s just some of the more notable events taking place in YGK in May 2019:

Featured Events:




Getting Married In Canada and What You Need To Know

Whether you are a foreigner residing in Canada or you are touring the magnificent countryside, you may have stumbled upon love and decided to tie the knot in the most memorable fashion and get married in Canada. You wouldn’t be the first to have mulled this over, in fact, you, like many have chosen one of the most popular wedding destinations as Canada is home to some of the most beautiful scenery, ideal for wedding photo albums.

Victoria, for example, offers some of the most majestic imagery imaginable with colourful flowers in bloom and wintery cloaks of snow in winter. So if you are thinking about getting married in one of the most photogenic countries on this earth, you have made an excellent decision. Now all you need to do is follow up on what is required from you to tour the country, explore activities, enjoy a great variety of casino games and embrace the friendly culture of Canada all in holy matrimony!

Verifying Eligibility

To follow through with your dream wedding in Canada, you will need to verify that you are actually eligible to get married in whichever province you have chosen. In order to do this you must meet two requirements which is a simple enough process.

First Requirement

You will need to obtain a marriage license before you do any packing. Unfortunately, Canada is not in a position to grant a marriage license or marry couples who do not have this official piece of paper. Obtaining this is easy enough as you can download the application from online websites. Once you have downloaded the document, you will be required to fill out the necessary information which will determine whether you are legally eligible to get married, and then you will be required to submit the forms to a local government office. The document requires information such as your current marital status, age and country of residence to determine if you can legally get married. If you have met all the criteria you will move onto the second requirement.

Second Requirement

The second step commences once you have passed the first step and been approved by the government to legally get married to the person you wish to share your life with. You will now need to apply for marriage license. As there are ‘province specific’ marriage certificates, you may be requested to pay an administration fee which is generally a small fee required to process your application and depending on the province you have chosen , the fee may vary although not by much.

Provinces in Canada which permit lovers the opportunity to apply for marriage certificates includes popular destinations:

Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Yukon.

Once you have chosen your official province you can move onto the third, and possibly, most essential requirement, finding a location.

Location, Location, Location!

Most travellers opt for one of the following ideas. The first being a hotel. Canadian hotels are generally kitted for extravagant events and being the beautiful locations the majority of Canadian hotels are, this is indeed a great option. Do a little homework and seek out the hotels with built in chapels, and yes these do exist! Live events are held at the hotels and now your wedding can be one of them.

The second idea, which makes saying ‘I do’ a whole lot lovelier, is tying the knot at a white coated ski resort with the snow being your backdrop. If you want unique you could ski down into the reception of your own wedding or you could be more conventional and simply get married in one of the halls specifically developed for such engagements. The surroundings of the majority of ski resorts are simply put, breathtaking. You couldn’t go wrong here.

The third popular choice is choosing an actual chapel located in choice specific Canada. If you wanted conventional you can have it, except you are in Canada which makes you just a tiny bit eccentric! Being a popular country to get married in, Canada offers up some of the most exquisite chapels. After your wedding you can honeymoon in any part of amazing Canada and be fully satisfied by the monumental experience you are bound to have.

Don’t just tie the knot, make your wedding day something extraordinary and explore the corners of Canada with the person you love the most, you won’t regret it!

Now all that’s left to do is find the live music, get the cake and celebrate eternal love…in Canada!

April 2019 Kingston Events

When it comes to events, April isn’t the most incredible month or anything but it’s still a solid enough month.

We’ve got the usal array of live music at the pubs and bars around Kingston, plus some great shows at the Grand Theatre like Classic Albums Live.

We’ve got Pop Culture Con, Limestone Race Weekend, Pitch-In Kingston, the Easter Bunny and the Just for Laughs Road Show.

Broken up into categories, here’s the listing of featured events in Kingston this month:

Notable Events:



Arts & Theatre:



Casino Games at Shorelines Casino

Shorelines Casino, located in Gananoque, is the most popular casino for Kingstonians to visit.

The main reason for that is it is just a quick 20-30 minute drive away depending on where you live in Kingston. You can get there from the 401, from Highway 2 or Middle Road.

They have a wide variety of casino games. Now it’s a rather small casino, so their selection isn’t massive compared to the likes of casinos in Las Vegas, or casinos online. If you’re looking for a wider selection of casino games online, then🍁 is a solid resource for that.

Featured Canada Casino Slots:

There are over 500 slot machines located at Shorelines Casino. They rotate the slots occasionally.

There are some great featured slots as of this writing including a couple of big jackpot slots. Those are Agent: Magnifying Jackpots and Dragon Emblem Jackpot.

If you want some bigger stakes there is Lightning Cash High Stakes. There’s also Selextion which is one of the most popular type of slot machines. There are 10 game choices in one machine.

Mondays are a good time to go currently as they have 2x points for rewards members and have unique slot features and promotions.

Table Games:

The table game selection can change depending on time of day and traffic.

Blackjack and Roulette are two staples that will always be there. However if Roulette is too busy at one table they will open another table just for Roulette and set it up there. Similar with Blackjack. What that means is occasionally you will primarily see Blackjack and Roulette and very few other table games.

The other table games on offer at Shorelines Casino however are Spanish 21, EZ “Squeeze” Baccarat, 3 Card Poker, Mississippi Stud, High Card Flush, Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Crazy Four Poker.

Generally the limits for each will be at least $5 minimum and often more. Due to the size of the casino they’d rather get people playing with more money. Often I will see games where the minimum is $25 there.


They have cash poker games running all the time at Shorelines Casino. However it can be busy and popular. Most times when I go there, I have to go on the waiting list and it can be as long as 2 hours at times. So if you are looking at playing poker at Shorelines Casino, just be prepared to wait. I’ve occasionally went there, signed up on the waiting list then went to eat knowing I’ve got the time before the game starts.

Along with cash games they offer an after hours cash game which is popular. You need to call in regard to that.

They also offer weekly poker tournaments on Thursdays and Sundays at 11am. As of this writing, the weekly tournaments are $100+$15 on Thursdays and $40+$10 on Sundays.

Both tournaments are no limit Texas Hold’em which is the only game that is ran at Shorelines Casino. They don’t run 7 Card Stud or Omaha or anything like that as far as I know. I’ve never seen them there anyway.

For both tournaments there is a maximum of 50 entrants so if you want to play in it be sure to register in advance. They have a number to call on the website which is 613-382-6871 in regard to registering for the poker tournament.

Ways to make the player’s gambling experience easier

Gambling is a game of urge. If you have the potential to take a risk, you are welcomed to the casino league. If you can dare to peril your valuable thing without having an apprehension of trailing it, you are a true gambler. It is believed that in the casino, there is always a chance of losing something valuable because of unpredictable nature of the game, you can be a millionaire in a matter of seconds as well as the game can dig you in the hole of debt. But don’t worry, this article is not meant to frighten you. We are here to make your gambling experience easier for you. Here is good news; there are some case laws due to which the casino and co-players cannot cheat with you. You have the right to change the terms according to your demands, this is the right given to you by the casino management. Gambling can be a good time for you when things start going in your favor, but this cannot happen with magic, you need to learn some tactics to become gambling connoisseur. If you are a beginner or played in a casino before, this article will try to make sure that you will enjoy yourself every step of the way.  

We are discussing the basics of gambling, to provide detailed information about the game for beginners in particular. This information will definitely make your experience much easier.

What information you should know?

Gambling is an awe-inspiring experience either playing in casino or online. The casino has a range of games to offer, you have different options to choose from and a variety of bets are also available. Gambling is not rocket science, neither indigestible. You can understand and learn the format once you have played through them a few times. And if the luck adds with your skills you will be a winner of the jackpot. But before start playing, you should have to understand details about the game. Give a glance at the information given below;

  •    Victory is not impossible

As we know that casino game is the matter of chance, the house has the advantage. Despite the fact, casino games are unpredictable as well, sometimes the results go in your favor. The house has a statistical advantage, but you can win if you bet carefully.  

  •    It is a game of chance

The outcomes of the games are determined by random events, so it is fair to say that gambling is a game of chance. RNG “random number generator” system can turn the card, spin the roulette wheel and spin the slots. You have no control over these random events. If luck is on your side, you will win.

  •    The house always wins

Casino use mathematical advantage in games, it is quite often that the house wins but it is not definite that each win will be attached to the house. But don’t get disheartened, if you are playing for many times, you can also win the game. If you win, you will try more and hence the casino business will continue.

  •    Only luck is not required

Well, luck is the main ingredient required in gambling, but it is not the only ingredient. If you stick with playing small house edge games, you can raise the chance of winning. You need to follow casino etiquettes to make a win.

  •    Start with a fixed amount of money

Gambling is entertainment. It is not a business meant to make money only, so when you get into the game, keep a fixed amount of money with you, we suggest to put a small amount at stake so in case you lose, you have no regret.

  •    Know the rules of gambling
  •    Choose easy games (slots, keno, craps, baccarat, etc)

What are the casino’s etiquettes?

As stated above, gambling is a source of entertainment, fun, and leisure. You have to be a nice player even if you are losing, not to lose your temperament, it is unethical. Few of the important etiquettes that a player should follow are given below;

    Don’t sit on a table, if you are not playing

    Never take out your phone

    Touch your cards with one hand

    Don’t touch your winning, unless the dealer hand over them to you

    Always tip your waitress

    Always tip your dealer

    Never yell at anyone

    Try to be polite and well mannered

    Don’t try to cheat or put your nose into other’s business


What is the benefit of playing online at

Above stated tips and information are helpful for the player in having a marvelous gambling experience. But on top of all, I have a wonderful suggestion for all of you to make your gambling even more effortless, and the offer is to play online at You are out of money? You need no money for a deposit, even you don’t need to make a deposit before playing. All you have to do is to choose a no deposit casino bonus and simply try your luck.

Best Food Delivery in Kingston, ON

If you’re looking for Food Delivery in Kingston, Ontario then you’ve came to the right place.

In this article I am going to discuss some of the food delivery services in Kingston and what they offer. I’ve personally used every one of these multiple times – purely for research for this article of course!!!

I’ve also listed restaurants in Kingston that offer food delivery outside of these food delivery services.

If you are looking to order food online in Kingston, here’s your best options:

Skip The Dishes:: Formerly Just-Eat, Skip The Dishes is the best option for food delivery in Kingston my opinion.

They offer both an app and a website with live tracking so you can see the status of the delivery. You’ll see when the driver picks it up and is on the way to your house. You also pay online so no need to worry about having cash.

Skip the Dishes offer a wide variety of restaurants that support the Kingston area. It can vary depending on where you live of course. Looking to order from a chain restaurant? Jack Astors and Montanas are there. A burrito place? They’re all on Skip the Dishes. Pizza? From local to chain, they’re there.

I’ve found the customer service excellent at Skip as well. Incorrect food items happen, but when I’ve contacted them about it they’ve been quick to give me a credit for the food item PLUS the delivery and tax cost so I can immediately order it again.

Uber Eats: Uber Eats are good simply because they offer restaurants Skip the Dishes don’t order from. If all things are equal I persoanlly order from Skip, howevre as of this writing Uber Eats offer the likes of McDonalds and Subway which Skip don’t.

Uber Eats also offers live tracking so you can see where your order is at any time.

Restaurants That Don’t Use Delivery Service:

The majority of restaurants in Kingston use the above – even if they offer their own delivery service. Below are restaurants I am aware of that are not listed on the above.

Bubbas Pizzeria: Opened their own delivery service in 2018. Try their famous poutine!

Minos: Greek restaurant. The pink Salad dressing is unreal!

How could gamblers maximize their winnings?

You are having butterflies in your stomach or having Goosebumps? Your heart is racing, like seriously! Yes, you are into the game with mixed emotions of angst and excitement. You want to get rid of the erroneous believes about your fate, you want to bury all of your life’s pities deep down the soil by trying your luck into the game. These emotions are beginning to illustrate your inner feelings. You must be dreaming to live your delusions, a hallucination to buy a bungalow, a Ferrari or anything you ever wished for. You are thinking about a life-changing shot that you are going to make. Are you a professional gambler or just vindicating your destiny? Most of the time, professional gamblers, who use to play with an edge, don’t make that much big winning shot. Why is that so? Maybe luck or something else? You have to figure out ways to increase your winning rate. But you can win! Yes, you can improve your winning chances at any casino or online gambling portal; you have to follow details about choosing bets and correct playing decisions to become a gambling gig.

You are not a professional and can’t get an edge over the casino but still, you can minimize the loss rate and maximize your chances of winning. This article will help you to know some details featuring gambling tips. All of these given tips will improve the amount of entertainment and fun you get while gambling. If you are wondering what secret winning player has, this article is for you!

Tips to maximize your winning rate

In fact, there are no hush-hush tricks or gambling news that professional use to win the house. They actually win because they follow the sacred principles of casino and gambling. Skill and plan are two key elements that can bolster your winning. We have divided the tips into two main parts, which are explained below;

  1.    The Plan
  •    Before going to a casino, we suggest you practice online.

There are so many online websites that allow you to practice gambling without spending actual money. You have to search for a few exceptional online portals and practice on your own before heading to the casino. Because a stitch in time can save nine! Poker, Blackjack, slots, Baccarat, Roulette and Crap are some common casino games.

  •    Set a budget

You have done the home practice? Right. Ok, now it’s time to head to the casino. But hold on, have you set on your budget? What you are going to put on a stake? What you are going to spend?

If you take a limited amount with you, you can minimize your chance of losing more and more money.

  •    Don’t panic, don’t use alcohol

Attentiveness and peace of mind are required in the game. Gambling is the game of mind. Keep yourself hydrated and be in your senses. Use of alcohol can affect your consciousness and decision making. If you are going to imbibe, try to take a glass of fresh juice or water instead of alcohol.

  •    Don’t tempt for too much!

If you win big, leave casino while moving ahead. It’s a secret tip to save what you have earned so far. We suggest to cashing out and walking away as you have won.

  1.    The Power Play

The second principle in gambling is choosing a game which you are comfortable with.

  •    Avoid gaudy games

More flashy and loud games have the intention to attract gamers towards themselves and have least chances of a win, so avoid going towards glitters. Because all that glitter is not the gold!

  •    Don’t choose slot over table games

Slots are fun to play but have less chance of a win, so we suggest you go for table games like Blackjack, Baccarat or craps to make money.

  •    Place bet carefully

If you are a master of the game, place a bigger bet.

  •    Play with tourists instead of locals

Locals are experienced and master of poker, so it is good to play poker with tourists to make a win.

  • Few other tips
    • Know the odds
    • Look for discounts
    • Memorize basic strategy
    • Sit at a crowded table
    • Ask for comps
    • Avoid side bets
    • Don’t hedge your bet
    • Learn dice handling techniques
  1.     Opt an online casino that offers bonus codes and free spins

Are you practicing online and want to get free spins and online casino bonus codes to enjoy your game as much as you can, you should choose a betting company like Casumo Casino to maximize your winning. Try Casumo Bonus Codes and enjoy playing online casino with no harm or risk. Practice online and become a well-versed player/gambler with us!