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December 2019 & Christmas Events in Kingston

Welcome to the December 2019 listing of what is happening in Kingston, Ontario.

Obviously there are a lot of events taking place for the holiday season. The Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol, the Holiday Market and so much more. I’m looking forward to checking out Elf: The Musical.

I thought what we would do this time around is list all of the events related to Christmas etc, and then a separate section below that for other events. And if you know of any events we aren’t listing please send them to

Here’s the key events taking place in YGK in December 2019:

Festive Events

Other Events:

New Years Eve Events:

November 2019 Featured Events in Kingston

November in Kingston is always a good time. The weather isn’t too bad yet usually and with the holiday season just around the corner, there’s lots of great events such as markets taking place.

Always a great time being able to support local artists and businesses in that way.

We’ve also got live music, the Santa Parade, comedians, many great Christmas themed shows, some great kids shows and much more.

Here’s the highlights of what’s taking place in Kingston in November 2019:

Best Escape Rooms in Kingston, Ontario

Escape Rooms are something very fun to do – whether it be with friends, family or complete strangers.

While I usually attend escape rooms with friends or family, occasionally I’ve participated in escape rooms with strangers. If I’m visiting a city and have time to kill for example. And it’s surprisingly fun.

I’ve been to escape rooms all over the world. They’re something I have found very fun to participate in and I usually try one out when visiting anywhere.

I’m proud to say that although Kingston only has a couple of escape rooms, they go all out and are right up there with the best of the best.

In this article I’ll list in alphabetical order the escape rooms in Kingston.

Improbable Escapes: Improbable Escapes was the first escape room in Kingston and have consistently offered up a phenomenal experience. Their escape rooms are family friendly and for everybody to enjoy.

They strive to have as many games as they can be fully accessible, although can’t promise that for all games.They are always coming up with new games and have ran themed escape rooms at Fort Henry and Murney Tower, as well as various other locations. For more details on Improbable Escapes, see their website.

Sherlock’s Escapes: Have you ever wanted to be Sherlock Holmes? Then you can try at Sherlock’s Escapes. Their games are always themed in that regard and can be related to each other.

They also have ran themed escape rooms in the past at other locations, such as at Spearhead Brewery where you would do a 30 minute escape room, get a brewery tour and a beer. They accomodate birthday parties as well. For more details, visit their website.

Note that the Improbable Escapes teams are expanding, and in November 2019 will have a new escape room at the West End entitled Wonderland Escape Rooms & Board Game Lounge. I’l update this article when it launched.

So while we only have a few escape rooms, we don’t really need more for a city this size. The escape rooms in Kingston are an excellent experience, and well worth visiting. Much better than sitting in your basement playing slots all night long isn’t it?

So grab some friends and go experience one of these escape rooms. If it’s your first time don’t worry – the staff at these locations are great at welcoming beginners and teaching them the ropes. Most people who attend escape rooms are first timers, and they’ll be sure to give you full instructions and help you out when needed.

Good luck!

October 2019 Featured Events in Kingston

Welcome to October in Kingston!

Always a good time with the most notable annual event being Fort Fright which goes hand in hand with the Haunted Walk at Fort Henry.

We’ve got many other great events too such as Mick Foley coming to town again; The Wiggles; Gem Storm and more.

Here’s the notable events taking place in YGK in October 2019:

Kingston Fall Fair 2019 Review

View of the Fair from the Bleachers

The Kingston Fall Fair hit #YGK over the weekend of September 12th-September 15th. The fair seems to be one of those odd events where a lot of people do attend it, while many plan on attending it each year but never do.

To be honest that is probably for the best! The fair often gets packed and if more people attended it would be unbearable.

I’ve had some people ask me for my review of the event and so thought I would do a quick blog post providing a review of the fair.

Unfortunately I didn’t think about doing this while at the fair. So the pictures I took were ore the casual pictures one takes at an event like this, as opposed to when you go there with the purposes of doing a review.

I also didn’t check out too many events there other than the rides themselves. So I’ll cover what I did experience, answer questions people have asked me and then next year I’ll make sure to do a more thorough review.

Lineups / Was It Busy?

I was at the fair twice. I went on Saturday, September 14th from 11am until 10pm and then again on Sunday from 9am until 3pm.

I was there with my two kids aged 12 and 16. They also had friends with them.

The one area they really need to improve upon is distributing tickets. There are a couple of booths set up where you can purchase tickets or an all day pass. The lines for these were brutal at all times of the day. I’d estimate at least a 20 minute wait in line which is really unacceptable when it’s mostly young kids.

During the day Saturday was great. We could get onto most rides almost instantly. Food lineups for different booths weren’t bad at all. I stood in line at 5 different places for food and drink and didn’t have to wait more than a couple of minutes.

Saturday night was very busy but that was to be expected. If you aren’t a fan of crowds avoid Saturday. Sunday wasn’t too bad at all.
If you waited in line for a ride, you’d have to wait at the most 2 turns of the ride before you could go on.

That was impressive considering it was expected to rain later plus it was the last day.

Any Issues with Staff?

None really. The staff members who attempt to get you to play the carnival games really weren’t as in your face as they previous were which was nice. Most of them were friendly too. I did have one issue with the staff member at the rope ladder. He didn’t explain the rules then waited until my daughter was right at the top before telling her she can’t lay on her stomach. And one staff member at the slushie booth struggled in regard to giving change or giving the correct change. However that was it. Overall no problems with the staff. They seemed friendly and approachable.

How Were The Rides?

Excellent. I can’t remember if the Zipper was there last year or the year before but I don’t think it was. Either way that was a welcome return as I hadn’t been on it in years.

Had no concerns in regard to safety or anything like that on the rides. Even with the long days, the employees were always doing their jobs and checking everyone was strapped in etc.

Hopefully the slides make a return soon. Miss those! My favourite rides were the Zipper, Alien Abduction and Fireball.

In saying that – man I am old(late 30s). I was seriously hurting Sunday morning and if I didn’t have kids I’d be taking the day off. So if you’re like me in that regard, maybe plan a relaxing day after you go.

What Else Was There?

There was a lot of events taking place. Country Singing Showdown, Agricultural Displays, Motocross Thrill Show, Lane Tractor Races etc. I unfortunately didnt pay too much attention to them as I was more focused on the rides.

I did take a walk around the entire Memorial Centrea however. There was booths set up such as Improbable Escapes. You could see all the prize winners in the various contests and buy various local arts and crafts.

There was of course all the carnival games. However if I was looking to gamble, I’d head on over to Casino Bonuses Now and gamble on the houses money ha. They were also very expensive from what I saw. The rope ladder game was $10 for 3 attempts. Although I don’t blame them as most of these games can be beaten if you take a few minutes reading the internet.

My favourite event was a metal bar like a pull up bar where people simply had to hang for 2 minutes. I got a lot of amusement out of
people stepping up confident and then dropping down after just 30 seconds.

How was Security?

They had staff at the front gate where you had to purchase admission to get in. I had a backpack with me and they didn’t check it.
Personally I am happy with that – I’m a bit tired of how over cautious everyone is these days however you may feel differently – especially in light of the stabbing incident that occured in Kingston just a couple of days prior.

It could be selective screening too though – maybe they don’t screen a late thiirtysomething man with his young daughter but they do screen teenagers etc.

I did feel security was lacking somewhat on Saturday night. That’s when things get a bit rowdier and there was obviously some underage
drinking going on. Plus people of legal age who had snuck some booze in and were obviously slightly inebriated. I personally had no issues but I did hear from a couple of people who said they never go at night anymore due to that.

If that type of thing concerns you, or you’re going with young kids, I wouldn’t advise going on the Friday or Saturday night.

How was the Food?

Delicious. I had the usual carnival fair – funnel cake, deep fried oreos etc. There was a solid selection.

Interestingly the best selection wasn’t at the Fair area itself but in the parking lot at the West end of the Fair.

There was a lot going on over there and various other food options such as fish and chips. There was also a local vendor and unfortunately I didn’t get their name however they were doing a lot of great items. They were all very friendly too. I had a tremendous BLT from there:

I filled up on funnel cake Sunday which was a shame as I really wanted to try their jalapeno sausages.

Any Tips or Tricks?

They don’t seem to advertise it too well but go to the Memorial Centre in the weeks prior to the fair and get yourself an all day pass.
First of all an all day pass is crucial here as the individual ticket prices are brutal. Second you save money if you get it. It’s $30 as opposed to I believe $38 at the fair. Well worth having.

Overall Summary:

As a parent, the Fall Fair was a lot of fun. There wasn’t too many lineups for the most part and my kids had a blast. They were always
busy and never bored.

If I was an adult attending with fellow adult friends – I certainly wouldn’t stay as long. I’d still purchase an all day pass however as
it’s well worth it. Probably spend 1-2 hours on rides then go eat and be done for the day. Rides just aren’t as fun when you are an adult!

However there’s a lot to see and do there and I am impressed with how the fair seems to grow and get larger every year.

It will continue to be one of my favourite events of the year – at least until the kids grow up! Hopefully next year I’ll have my review
shoes on and be able to provide a more in-depth look at everything going on!

September 2019 Featured Events in Kingston

September is always a great time to be in Kingston, and we’ve got so much going on this month!

If you’re a fan of food, you’ll be happy to hear that this month features both Ribfest and Poutine Feast. I attended Poutine Feast last year and it was one of my favourite events. Just so many delicious poutines available.

If you’re a fan of the arts, we’ve got the likes of the Multicultural Arts Festival and Fall After Dark.

Great annual events such as the Thousand Islands Gran Fondo and Writersfest take place this month.

Here is the full listing of notable events taking place in Kingston in September.

Q&A with Chad McNamara

In Common The Musical is on stage at the Royal Theatre in Gananoque with one performance nightly through to closing night, August 17.

We highly recommend this new show, which received standing ovations in its opening week!

Here is a Q&A with Chad McNamara, the director and choreographer for In Common.

And for more about the story, music and creative team, visit

Q: What does your role entail?

A: My role is director and choreographer. My job is to take the words that are on the page and create something visual. Often when you read a book, your imagination takes on a pivotal role, setting the scene, what the town looks like, where the characters live etc. This was my job, to take this beautiful story and translate to the stage. My goal was to allow my imagination to run free and create something we can all talk about after.

Q: Before rehearsals, how do you prepare?

A: Before rehearsals began, I read the script as many times as I could stand too, sometimes twice a day. My vision for the show kept changing, in fact, my fully realized thought and vision for how I wanted to tell this story didn’t come until a week into rehearsals. I allowed the actors to have a voice and I knew before that’s how I wanted to work. I wanted it to be special for each actor so that we can create these characters for the first time together.

Q: What happens at rehearsals?

A: A day of rehearsal was usually an open conversation of the previous work, and how we felt about it the next day… sometimes I would change a scene or musical number completely from the day previous. I asked the cast for patience and an open mind. There was a lot of music to learn, so many days it was constantly going back to the piano to learn something that may have been rewritten that morning.

Q: In Common The Musical is a new piece. What are the rewards and challenges of working on a new musical?

A: I love working on new work. It’s exciting, scary and nerve wracking – but so rewarding and fulfilling. You never know how people will react, and there is always a point where you have to let go and let it be. It’s very scary because you work on something for so long and put so much thought and care into it, and you risk one person saying, “I didn’t like that.” It’s hard but at the same time, that’s what makes theatre so awesome. Everyone can take what they want out of it. I chose to tell the story a certain way, I wanted the audience to go on a journey and have questions at intermission. This was a gamble as I chose to rearrange some scenes within the show – but it paid off. I have heard and listened in on many conversations wondering what is happening, some thinking it’s all a dream, some wondering if a certain person is dead and just in our head… all of those things are exactly what I wanted. Then we get all the answers in Act Two.

Q: And then it’s opening night. How does that feel for you as director/choreographer?

A: Opening night was awesome. Nothing was better than seeing your hard work performed on stage with a full house, and a standing ovation. I loved the many different reactions, everything from, “that’s so cool” to people crying in their seats. It affected different people in different ways. I am so excited to see how it touches different people.

In Common is on stage at Royal Theatre Thousand Islands until Saturday August 17.

Tickets available at

Kingston audiences were introduced to In Common at a staged reading of Act One at the 2019 Kingston Storefront Fringe Festival.

Cast: Caitlyn Acheson, Clifford Atwell, Mitchell Bruce, Blake Crawford, Taylor Faye, Liz Horton, Sasha Knox, Lily Lachapelle, Emily Masurkevitch, Jordan Sabola, Monique Stinchcombe, Ajah Tanis

Interviewer: Heidi Stock, Writer/Producer, In Common The Musical
Music Director/Arranger: Aaron Eyre
Assistant Director/Choreographer: Bethany Papadopoulos
Stage Manager: Rachel Marks

August 2019 Featured Events in Kingston

August is always such an incredible month of the year in Kingston, and this year it’s no different.

If you’re a music fan we’ve events such as the Blues Festival, Moist and Voodoo Rockfest just to name a few.

Then there’s great annual events such as the Limestone City Car Show, the Women’s Art Festival and the Teddy Bears Picnic.

Here’s a look at just SOME of the great events taking place in Kingston this month:

Featured June 2019 Events in Kingston

June is here, the weather is getting better (allegedly) and that means we get to see a lot more great events and festivals taking place in YGK over the next couple of months.

June through September is always an incredible month in Kingston and if you like to go out to events, you’re going to be very busy!

Here’s what is going on in Kingston in June 2019. And a quick personal note – please be sure to support the Chinlock Wrestling Event. These guys do an incredible job and it’s going to be a super fun night. Even if you’re not a fan of wrestling you’ll have fun meeting legends and watching the wrestling.

Here is a listing of the more notable events taking place in Kingston in June:

Featured Events:

Featured May 2019 Events in Kingston

May in YGK is always a good time. The patios are open, and the weather gives us the good days and the bad days. While two days of straight rain are never fun, it helps us appreciate the beautiful days all the more.

Summer is when things get crazy with events in Kingston, but May is still pretty solid with something for everyone!

To kickstart the month we’ve got the Juvenis Festival and the Homegrown Live Music Festival. We’ve for Art After Dark later in the month, as well as the Science Rendevous.

How about Hacksaw freakin Jim Duggan hosting a Wrestlemania trivia night? Or the Fort Henry Opening Day?

(And if there’s an event we’re missing from our events calendar then please let us know)

Here’s just some of the more notable events taking place in YGK in May 2019:

Featured Events: