About Us

vegasWelcome to YGKEvents.com. My name is Graeme and I run this site. I’m pictured with my friend Scott who started the site with me but no longer works on it. I’m the guy on the left.

You may think the picture on the left of us is an odd choice – it’s a site about Kingston, Ontario events yet we post a picture of us in Vegas? Well we like that picture because that’s where we got the idea for this site.

While on a trip to Vegas, we got into a discussion about just how well-organized the city of Las Vegas was. Despite so many different casinos and events going on, despite so many activities and things to do – we just had to spend 5 minutes at the computer and we knew it all.

You can’t say the same for Kingston.

Trying to find out exactly what is going on in Kingston is like a challenge on the Amazing Race. There are so many websites out there that will mention events in Kingston, but none that will provide a comprehensive guide of every event. Facebook and Twitter have made it even worse – now some places will be posted to websites, some to Facebook, some to Twitter. If you’re lucky they’ll be posted to all three but that’s very rare – it’s insanely difficult to keep up to date with all of the events that are occurring in the wonderful city of Kingston, Ontario.

I aim to change that.

I aim to change that with YGKEvents.com – a website that will cover EVERY event in Kingston that people would be interested in. From all of the events at the K-Rock Centre to all of the performances going on at the Grand, or Domino Theatre. Bands playing at bars? Family events? Sporting events?

Whatever it is, you’ll be able to find it all at YGKEvents.com.

I want to thank everyone for visiting our site, and hopefully you will share it with others so that they too, will be able to find out everything that is going on in Kingston.

And here are a few common questions we receive:

What does “YGK” Stand For?

It is the airport code for Kingston. It’s the most popular way to discuss Kingston on Twitter – by using the #ygk hashtag. This is due to both the character limit, and the fact that searching “Kingston” will bring up a million tweets with nothing to do with the city of Kingston, Ontario.

Thanks, and for any further questions please see our contact us page. If there is an event we don’t have listed here? Submit it.