The Juvenis Festival 2024

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Juvenis Festival 2024, happening May 2nd to May 12th. This annual celebration of youth arts showcases a wide array of talents across multiple venues, making it a cornerstone event for Kingston’s cultural calendar

KCFF24 Opening Night The Queen of My Dreams

Film festival in Kingston, Things to do in Kingston

Kingston Canadian Film Festival, movie enthusiasts are cordially invited to immerse themselves in the world of cinema with KCFF24’s Opening Night selection. Fawzia Mirza’s debut feature film is a vibrant tapestry of emotion and culture, weaving a tale of the intricate ties that bind us. The film presents a rich narrative that explores the delicate relationship between Mariam (played by Nimra Bucha) and her daughter Azra (portrayed by Amrit Kaur), set against the backdrop of familial tension and cultural tradition.

Kingston Canadian Film Festival

Things to Do in Kingston Ontario

The Kingston Film Festival (KCFF) 2024 promises to be a landmark event in the picturesque city of Kingston, renowned for its vibrant artistic community and historical charm. As the festival unveils its Opening Night Gala on February 28th, it brings to the forefront Fawzia Mirza’s feature-length debut, “The Queen of My Dreams.” This film, a beautiful blend of cultures from Nova Scotia to Karachi, offers a humorous, heartfelt mother-daughter story. Attendees at the Isabel Bader Centre will not only enjoy this screening but also engage with Mirza in a unique Q&A session, followed by a celebratory gathering with complimentary refreshments.