Best Tattoo Places in Kingston, Ontario

One great thing about Kingston is the selection of tattoo places we have.

If you’re looking to get a tattoo in Kingston, we are rich with selection. There are so many different styles of tattoo and you can get all of them in Kingston. Geographically wise you probably won’t even have to travel far to get a tattoo – there are many locations spread all over Kingston.

We even have an annual tattoo festival! (The Limestone City Tattoo and Arts Festival)

In this article I’m going to list all of the best tattoo places in Kingston. If you are looking to get a tattoo in Kingston, these are the best places to do it.

This list is in alphabetical order and if you would like to submit a tattoo place to be listed, please contact me.

For the record, I personally go to True North Tattoo. I even got Kingston City Hall tattooed on my calf from Joel Conroy. Here it is:

I would give them my personal recommendation. They are excellent there and I’ve since went back to get a sleeve done there that took over 40 hours. They have three regular artists there (Wayne, Joel, Jenny) and I would 100% recommend all three of them.

When threads pop up on reddit and other social media websites asking about the best tattoo places, Ink Well and True North are usually the two most recommended.

Where applicable we have linked to each tattoo businesses Instagram or Facebook so you can get an idea of the work they do there.

Dark Tides Tattoos: Dark Tides Tattoos is located at 238 Wellington St and features Cameron Roach, who specializes in black and grey realism.

Cameron has over a decade of experience doing tattoos and the realism work he does is incredible. You can schedule a consultation via the website where there are samples of work, as well as aftercare instructions and an FAQ. For examples of the work Dark Tides do, see their Facebook.

Don’t Tell Momma’s Tattoos: Don’t Tell Momma’s Tattoos is located at 637 Norris Court #4. It was established back in 1996 and has been going strong for over 20 years.

Their specialties are freehand and custom work and have multiple artists who can do the work you are looking for. They are open Monday-Saturday from 11am-7pm and are closed Sundays.

You can see examples of their work on their Facebook page.

Evolution Ink: Located at 650 Development Drive in Kingston. A few artists work here and all positive reviews from what I have heard and read so far.

They are owned by Jerrod Stanzel who does a wide variety of work such as black and grey and realistic.

You can see examples of their work or contact them at their Facebook Page.

Express “U” Tattoo: Express “U” is located at 734 Princess St and is a staple of Kingston. It has been around forever. Their artists are Mack and Kathy.

They don’t have a website or do much over the internet so if you want to book an appointment or talk about some work you need to call them.

They have a Facebook page with work showcased and contact details located here.

Ink Well Tattoos & Piercing: Ink Well has been in business since 2003 and is located at 272 Bagot St #3.

Ink Well offers tattoos, piercings and jewelry. Tattoo wise they offer illustrative tattoos, blackwork tattoos, realism tattoos and pointalism tattoos.

Ink Well is open Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm and is closed Sundays.

Check out their Instagram page for examples of their work.

Iron Legends Tattoo and Body Piercing: Iron Legends Tattoo and Body Piercing is located at 432 Princess Street and features artist Drew Roy among others. They also have a Smiths Falls location.

They offer piercing, jewelry and tattoos and offer free consultations for all tattoos.

The best place to see their work is on their Facebook page.

Inner Harbour Tattoo: Inner Harbour Tattoo is located at 259 Ontario Street right at the bottom of Princess. It’s a custom traditional tattoo shop with tattoos that are “bold, bright and done right”. Lots of very colourful and bold tattoos here. It features an excellent tattoo artist in George.

For more details of their work and to see examples, check out their Instagram Page.

Little Sister’s Tattoo Studio: A lot of tattoo places are located downtown however there are a few out on the West End and Little Sister’s Tattoo Studio is one of them

A very popular place with a lot of good reviews, Little Sister’s is located at 1724 Bath Road.

Jen and the team do an excellent job.

You can see examples of the work done by Little Sister’s Tattoo Studio over at their Instagram page.

Limestone City Tattoo: Another West End location, Limestone City Tattoo is located at 277 Bath Road. You can book via appointment and walk ins are welcome too.

A lot of positive reviews for Limestone City Tattoo and Chris and his team do a great job. They often do special events that they post on their Facebook page – for example in June 2018 they did $60 Pokemon tattoos over the course of two days.

For more details or to see their work check out their Facebook Page.

TrueHart Tattoos: TrueHart Tattoos is located at 372 Division Street and is open Monday through Saturday from 11am-6pm.

They are a very popular choice and Ed Hart does great work there.

You can check out their work on their Facebook Page.

True North Tattoos: True North Tattoos is located at 159 Queen Street and is ran by Wayne Murrill. Wayne has been doing professional tattoos for over 20 years and is probably the most highly regarded and respected artist in Kingston.

True North is open Tuesdays-Saturdays with times changing depending on the day.

It’s a very clean and professional studio.

To see details of their work visit their Facebook Page.