Best Escape Rooms in Kingston, Ontario

Escape Rooms are something very fun to do – whether it be with friends, family or complete strangers.

While I usually attend escape rooms with friends or family, occasionally I’ve participated in escape rooms with strangers. If I’m visiting a city and have time to kill for example. And it’s surprisingly fun.

I’ve been to escape rooms all over the world. They’re something I have found very fun to participate in and I usually try one out when visiting anywhere.

I’m proud to say that although Kingston only has a couple of escape rooms, they go all out and are right up there with the best of the best.

In this article I’ll list in alphabetical order the escape rooms in Kingston.

Improbable Escapes: Improbable Escapes was the first escape room in Kingston and have consistently offered up a phenomenal experience. Their escape rooms are family friendly and for everybody to enjoy.

They strive to have as many games as they can be fully accessible, although can’t promise that for all games.They are always coming up with new games and have ran themed escape rooms at Fort Henry and Murney Tower, as well as various other locations. For more details on Improbable Escapes, see their website.

Sherlock’s Escapes: Have you ever wanted to be Sherlock Holmes? Then you can try at Sherlock’s Escapes. Their games are always themed in that regard and can be related to each other.

They also have ran themed escape rooms in the past at other locations, such as at Spearhead Brewery where you would do a 30 minute escape room, get a brewery tour and a beer. They accomodate birthday parties as well. For more details, visit their website.

Note that the Improbable Escapes teams are expanding, and in November 2019 will have a new escape room at the West End entitled Wonderland Escape Rooms & Board Game Lounge. I’l update this article when it launched.

So while we only have a few escape rooms, we don’t really need more for a city this size. The escape rooms in Kingston are an excellent experience, and well worth visiting. Much better than sitting in your basement playing slots all night long isn’t it?

So grab some friends and go experience one of these escape rooms. If it’s your first time don’t worry – the staff at these locations are great at welcoming beginners and teaching them the ropes. Most people who attend escape rooms are first timers, and they’ll be sure to give you full instructions and help you out when needed.

Good luck!