Kingston Eclipse event


Mar 25 2024


7:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Total Eclipse of the Arts

Prepare to be enthralled by the celestial dance of drama and astrophysics at “Total Eclipse of the Arts,” where the stage becomes a gateway to the cosmos. On March 25th at 7:30 pm ET, Queen’s University’s Convocation Hall in Theological Hall will transform into a universe of its own, brimming with the creativity and imagination of bright young minds. As the anticipation for the total solar eclipse builds, join us for a captivating staged-reading of student-written plays—a fusion of the scientific and the artistic. The students of DRAM 251 from the Fall of 2023 have penned their cosmic visions into seven 10-minute masterpieces, which are brought to life by the talented directors and dramaturges of DRAM 339 from the Winter of 2024. From the portrayal of the first-ever eclipse to romantic tales beneath the darkened Sun, each narrative is a distinct tribute to the wonders of the skies. This enchanting journey through time and space is accessible both in person and via livestream, courtesy of Physics @ QueensU, ensuring that you can partake in the magic from anywhere.

As Kingston prepares for its date with darkness on April 8th, 2024, this event offers a unique prelude to the awe-inspiring total solar eclipse. The city stands on the brink of witnessing a celestial phenomenon unseen for nearly seven centuries and not to be repeated for another three and a half centuries. This free event not only celebrates the rare alignment of Earth, Moon, and Sun but also the fusion of scientific wonder and artistic expression, marking an unforgettable occasion in Kingston’s history. This Total Eclipse of the Arts is a creative countdown to when day turns to night, and stars appear in the afternoon. It’s a powerful reminder of the grandeur of the universe and the endless possibilities that emerge when different disciplines collide. Don’t let this astronomical event pass you by—mark your calendars, register now, and join us in the shadow of the Moon for an evening that promises to leave you starstruck.

The event is finished.