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May 30 2024


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Spring Reverb returns to Kingston for a thrilling four-day festival, from May 30th to June 2nd, 2024, that promises to elevate the city’s music scene to new heights. This vibrant event will bring together local emerging talents and exciting out-of-town headliners, providing a dynamic platform for performances, panels, and special guest talks. As a hub of musical creativity and learning, Spring Reverb is not just a festival; it’s a comprehensive celebration of music that intertwines live concerts with insightful industry discussions, creating an enriching experience for artists and audiences alike.

Set against the backdrop of downtown Kingston, the festival will be buzzing with activities aimed at fostering connections and highlighting the diverse range of musical styles and cultures present within the Canadian music industry. From indie rock to folk, from jazz to electronic, the festival will cater to all tastes and preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Special highlights include performances by notable bands such as Daniel Romano’s Outfit, Thunder Glove, and Fred Eaglesmith, along with innovative panels like Music Law 101 and Beyond The Beat which discuss the intricacies of the music business and emerging trends such as AI in music.

Don’t miss this opportunity to dive into Kingston’s lively music scene and be part of Spring Reverb’s mission to celebrate, develop, and showcase incredible musical talent. Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional or a music fan eager to discover new sounds, Spring Reverb offers a unique chance to engage directly with artists and learn from leading industry experts. Here are some of the notable performances you can look forward to:

  • Daniel Romano’s Outfit + Ballsy, Clara Smallman
    Broom Factory, Thursday, May 30, 7 PM doors, 7:30-10 PM show
  • Thunder Glove + The Great Octopus
    The Toucan, Thursday, May 30, 10 PM – 2 AM show
  • Fred Eaglesmith + Bad Fortune
    Broom Factory, Friday, May 31, 7 PM doors, 7:30-10 PM show (Sold Out)
  • Bleeker + Boston Levi + Lake Porter, Parliament of Owls
    The Ale House, Friday, May 31, 7 PM doors, 7:30-10 PM show
  • Ivy Gardens + The Mature Themes, Sitcoms
    The Mansion, Friday, May 31, 8 PM doors, 8:30-11 PM show
  • Protest the Hero + Bad Waitress, Chinese Medicine
    The Ale House, Saturday, June 1, 7 PM doors, 7:30-10 PM show
  • Lil Windex + Kryple, Robbie G, Dupel, This is Affy, Jake Clarke
    Broom Factory, Saturday, June 1, 7 PM doors, 7:30-10 PM show
  • Logan Staats + Megan Hamilton
    Musiikki, Saturday, June 1, 8 PM doors, 8:30-11 PM show
  • Luella + Burs
    Broom Factory, Sunday, June 2, 2 PM doors, 2:30-5 PM show

Mark your calendars, join the celebration, and be part of the awesome downtown party that is Spring Reverb.

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