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The Isabel Bader Centre
The Isabel Bader Centre
390 King St West

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Mar 13 2024


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


In the shadowed halls of the Isabel, where whispers of the past mingle with the breath of the present, we invite you to an evening that resonates with the soul-stirring echoes of Leonard Cohen’s legacy. “Secret Chord: Songs of Leonard Cohen” is not merely a concert; it is a pilgrimage through the sacred landscapes of Cohen’s music, led by the luminous talents of Kimberley Dunn, Kyle Briscoe, and a mysterious guest whose identity will unfurl like one of Cohen’s enigmatic verses. As the chords of “Hallelujah” ascend, as “Suzanne” takes your hand, as we “Dance Me to the End of Love,” and declare “I am Your Man,” you will find yourself immersed in a tribute that transcends mere performance, becoming a shared moment of reverence and celebration of an unparalleled poet-musician.

The night will then deepen as we transition from melody to memory, from song to speech. Cantor Gideon Zelermyer, whose voice intertwined with Cohen’s in the haunting beauty of “You Want It Darker,” will share his reflections, a narrative thread woven from personal encounters and shared artistry with Cohen. Guided by Dr. Mehmet Karabela, this conversation promises to be a beacon for those who seek to understand more of Cohen’s enigma, a rare glimpse into the intimacy of artistic collaboration. Join us at the Isabel on the evening of March 13th, where music and words will merge under the spell of Leonard Cohen’s enduring spirit. Reserve your place in this unique communion of art and soul, and be part of a night where Cohen’s legacy is celebrated, contemplated, and deeply felt.

The event is finished.