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Mar 01 - 31 2024


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Sandy Pines March Madness Monthly Donor Drive

March is a pivotal time at Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre, as we gear up for the influx of countless wild babies requiring our assistance. Just like expectant parents preparing for their newborn, we are meticulously getting ready—not for one, but potentially thousands of young wildlife. These animals come to us in various states: some merely require our guidance to be safely rehomed, others need urgent care and rehabilitation. Our mission extends from providing temporary shelter to some animals, to offering prolonged care for others until they’re ready to return to the wild. This monumental task is only possible through the generous support of our community and dedicated donors, especially during our March Madness Monthly Donor Drive.

As a non-profit organization that operates without government funding, our reliance on donors, particularly monthly contributors, is crucial for maintaining our operations. Monthly donors are the backbone of Sandy Pines, offering us a rare gift in the non-profit realm: stability. This March, we have an array of compelling reasons for you to become a monthly supporter. Through, new monthly donations of $20 or more will be matched with an additional $20, and existing donors increasing their contributions by $10 or more will receive an extra $10. Furthermore, a generous benefactor has promised an additional $10,000 if we achieve a $10,000 increase in monthly donations this month! Your monthly donation could provide vital care for animals like the Red Fox from Bath Rd, whose remarkable recovery story has touched hearts across Ontario. Join us in our mission to nurture and protect wildlife by becoming a monthly donor today. Visit our campaign page for more details and to see the various impacts your contribution can make:

Engaging with Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre as a monthly donor is more than just a financial commitment; it’s a direct investment in the well-being and future of our local wildlife. Your support enables us to offer comprehensive care and rehabilitation to animals in distress, ensuring they have a fighting chance to return to their natural habitats. The impact of your donation is profound, offering everything from medical treatment for injured animals to educational programs that foster a deeper connection between our community and the local wildlife. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that your contribution helps save lives and educate future generations about the importance of wildlife conservation. By joining our March Madness Monthly Donor Drive, you’re not just donating; you’re becoming a vital part of a community that values and actively participates in the preservation and protection of our natural world. Take this opportunity to make a lasting difference—support Sandy Pines today and be a part of a collective effort that cherishes and safeguards our wildlife.

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