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Aspira Royale Place
Aspira Royale Place
2485 Princess St, Kingston,


Feb 20 2024


1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Mix and Mingle at Aspira Royale Place

Mix and Mingle

Unleash the Power of Connection at Aspira Royale Place Mix & Mingle Event!

Feeling isolated at home? Yearning for new friendships and meaningful conversations? Join us for an unforgettable Mix & Mingle experience, where we’re turning the page on loneliness and embracing the joy of connections!

What to Expect:
Pastries, Refreshments & Treats: Delight your taste buds with a delectable spread while you indulge in delightful conversations.
Table for Two: Enjoy a cozy setup designed for intimate conversations, paired with conversation starters to spark connections.
Bell-Ringing Rotation: Meet new friends effortlessly as you switch partners with every charming chime of the bell.

Why Choose Aspira Royale Place?
Escape the monotony of chores ruling your retirement – embrace a life where you can prioritize the things and people you love. At Aspira Royale Place, we offer a vibrant community that values connection, laughter, and shared experiences.

RSVP Betty Ann 613-583-2298 by Monday February 19
Join Tuesday February 20 at 1:30pm
Aspira Royale Place

Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your social life! RSVP now and step into a world of warmth, friendship, and the freedom to live life on your terms.

The event is finished.