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Kingston Grand Theatre
Kingston Grand Theatre
218 Princess St Kingston, ON Canada


Jun 21 2024


7:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Martha’s Table Empty Boards Spring Fundraiser

The second annual Empty Boards Fundraiser by Martha’s Table on June 21st, a beacon of hope and sustenance for those facing food insecurity. This year, the rhythm of change and charity will echo through the walls of the iconic Kingston Grand Theatre, with the stirring melodies of The Kim Pollard Band headlining the event, and the gifted Christopher Jackson setting the stage. This isn’t just a night of music and merriment; it’s a gathering with a mission – to ensure that every individual in Kingston has access to the fundamental right of a nutritious meal and the warmth of community support.

Martha’s Table stands as a pillar within Kingston’s social welfare network, offering more than just meals; it offers a sanctuary where respect, compassion, and care are served generously, fostering an environment ripe for social interaction and mutual support. At this much-anticipated spring event, the community comes together to raise funds and awareness, ensuring that the dining and lounge facilities continue to be a comfortable haven for those in need. By attending, you become part of a larger movement, a statement of solidarity with those who seek just a simple, nourishing meal and a moment of friendship within Martha’s welcoming walls.

Join hands with Martha’s Table in their crusade against hunger and isolation by marking your calendars for the Empty Boards Fundraiser. This night of heartfelt tunes and communal spirit is more than an event; it’s a promise of continuity and care, a pledge to maintain a venue where individuals can come to break bread and barriers alike. Volunteer, contribute, or simply share in the experience – every action you take is a step towards nourishing bodies and souls, ensuring that the melody of community and care plays on in the hearts of Kingston’s residents.

The event is finished.