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Mar 11 - 15 2024


All Day

March of the Museums 2024

Museums are not merely repositories of art and history; they are vibrant storytellers, guardians of culture, and windows to countless worlds. This March, the importance of these cultural bastions is celebrated with the ‘March of the Museums 2024’, a festival that opens doors to a realm where the past and present converge in a dance of discovery and learning. From March 11th to March 15th, visitors can embark on a journey through time and imagination, as a constellation of museums, art galleries, and historic sites across Kingston and surrounding areas beckon families, history buffs, and the creatively curious to indulge in a tapestry of tales woven by artifacts, artworks, and the very walls that house them. The week-long event, completely free and thoughtfully tailored for family fun, promises a plethora of activities—from hands-on crafts to engaging play—that illustrate why museums are pivotal in preserving our collective narrative and sparking the inquisitive spirit.

March of the Museums 2024 is more than a celebration—it’s an adventure that stitches together the community through a shared love for heritage and the arts. As participants explore locations like the Murney Tower National Historic Site (@MuseumofHealthCare), Agnes Etherington Art Centre (@aeartcentre), Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre (@modernfuelarc), Bellevue National Historic Site (@GreatLakesMuseum), Frontenac County Schools Museum, Brockville Museum (@BrockvilleMuseum), Smiths Falls Heritage House Museum , 1000 Islands History Museum (@1000IslandsMuseum), Bath Museum (@MillerMuseumofGeology), Miller Museum of Geology, PumpHouse , Museum of Health Care at Kingston (@MuseumofHealthCare), Great Lakes Museum, City Hall – Market Wing, Royal Military College of Canada Museum (@RMCMuseum), Mississippi Valley Textile Museum , Neptune & Salacia Diving with Preserve Our Wrecks (@PreserveOurWrecks), and Fort Henry (@FortHenry1832), they’re invited to partake in a scavenger hunt that adds an element of excitement to the educational experience. Every visit offers a chance to win in the Grand Prize draw, turning the act of learning into an interactive game with rewards. The event not only highlights the diversity of Kingston’s cultural landscape but also underscores the joy of exploration and the thrill of discovery. Stay tuned for the full schedule and updates, and if curiosity beckons, the Kingston Association of Museums (KAM) eagerly awaits your inquiries. As the countdown to March of the Museums begins, let us rally around these institutions that keep the flames of curiosity, culture, and connection burning brightly for all ages.

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