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Kingston Seniors Centre
Kingston Seniors Centre
56 Francis St, Kingston ON

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Jun 19 2024


10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Kingston Grandmother Solidarity Quilt

Witness a breathtaking symbol of unity and resilience at the Kingston Grandmother Connection’s showcase of the Stephen Lewis Foundation Solidarity Quilt. This intricate quilt, celebrating the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s 20th Anniversary, embodies the collective spirit of grandmothers across Canada and their African counterparts. Crafted by members from over 20 grandmother groups spanning 10 cities and seven provinces, this project began assembly in December 2022. Local Kingston Grandmother Connection members, along with the generous support from Stitch by Stitch and the skilled hands of long-arm quilt artist Jackie Gaudreau, meticulously bound this masterpiece, completing it in just five days. The quilt not only represents a physical weaving of threads but also the woven stories and shared strength of grandmothers worldwide in their fight to end the AIDS pandemic.

The quilt features a “grandmother tree” design, symbolizing the deep-rooted support and nurturing strength that grandmothers provide to their communities and families. This powerful icon highlights how collective efforts can lead to substantial impacts, particularly in empowering women and fostering community resilience. Kingston residents and visitors can view this remarkable quilt at four different locations from June 19 to June 29, between 10 AM and 2 PM each day. The tour begins at the Kingston Senior Centre on June 19 & 20, moves to Stitch by Stitch on June 22 & 23, followed by St. John’s Anglican Church on June 28, and concludes at the Raymond Gallery on June 29. Don’t miss the chance to experience this unique exhibition that not only showcases artistic craftsmanship but also celebrates the enduring spirit of global solidarity among grandmothers.

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