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May 05 2024


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Jane’s Walk 2024

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and history of Kingston with Jane’s Walk, a festival of free, volunteer-led walks that weave through the heart of our community. This annual event, happening on the first weekend of May, invites Kingstonians and visitors alike to explore the city’s rich tapestry, from its bustling streets to its tranquil greenspaces. With 20 unique walks scheduled, ranging from the exploration of Belle Island’s natural beauty to the industrial tales of Portsmouth, there’s a journey for every curiosity. Discover Kingston’s diverse neighborhoods, historical landmarks, and natural wonders, while connecting with fellow residents in a celebration of our shared spaces.

Jane’s Walk is more than just a series of guided tours; it’s an opportunity to see Kingston through new eyes. Whether you’re delving into the social history of Industrial Portsmouth, uncovering the secrets of Kingston’s medical history, or participating in a Ceremony for the Waters, each walk is a chapter in the larger story of our city. These walks, inspired by the legacy of Jane Jacobs, champion the value of local knowledge and community engagement, encouraging participants to contribute to the dialogue about their city’s past, present, and future.

Join your fellow Kingstonians this May to engage with your city’s heritage and environment in a truly unique way. Whether you’re a long-time resident or new to the area, Jane’s Walk offers a fresh perspective on Kingston’s landscapes and landmarks. Don’t miss this chance to celebrate Kingston’s community spirit and urban diversity, all while honoring the influential ideas of Jane Jacobs, whose vision for cities built “for and by ordinary people” continues to inspire community-driven exploration and appreciation.

Here are some of the Planned walks

On Friday, 3rd May, start your journey with “Mr. Allen’s Challenge: The birds, bugs, and trees of Belle Island” at 8 am, an exploration of local wildlife and flora. By noon, join the “Exploring Ontario Street: Brewers, Bakers, and Boilermakers” walk to delve into the city’s industrious past, and later, at 5 pm, experience the natural beauty and historical layers of “Belle Park: Along the North Shore.”

Saturday, 4th May, is packed with choices: start again at 8 am with Mr. Allen’s challenge at Belle Island, or at 10 am, choose between connecting with nature in “Walk with the Land to a Ceremony for the Waters” or exploring the “Isabel, Tett, and Morton Brewery Grounds.” Discover “The Evolution of Old Sydenham Ward” at 11 am, or learn about the city’s engineering marvel at “Waaban Crossing” at 1 pm. The “Social History of Industrial Portsmouth” at 2 pm offers insights into the city’s work culture, while “Another Perspective: The Cataraqui River” at 4 pm provides a unique view of this vital waterway.

On Sunday, 5th May, the walks continue with a mix of nature, history, and urban development. From another chance to join “Mr. Allen’s Challenge” at 8 am to exploring maritime heritage at “Kingston’s Inner Harbour” at 10 am, or uncovering Kingston’s medical history in “Sick City” at noon, there’s a walk for every interest. Don’t miss the chance to bike the K&P Trail at 11 am or to explore the city’s lost cemeteries at 1 pm.

The event is finished.