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Apr 05 2024


8:00 pm - 8:00 pm

First Friday Show the Musical

Experience the Unpredictable Magic of Music and Laughter at “First Friday Show the Musical”!

Get ready to dive into an evening where spontaneity meets melody, where every note is unplanned, and laughter is guaranteed! Improv Kingston is thrilled to present an extraordinary spectacle of creativity and comedy – First Friday Show the Musical. Mark your calendars for an unforgettable night of musical improvisation and comedy that will leave you mesmerized and chuckling all the way home.

When and Where?

Join us on the first Friday of April, that’s April 5th, at the vibrant Theatre Kingston Studio. The curtain rises at 8 PM, but the memories will last a lifetime!

What’s in Store?

“First Friday Show the Musical” isn’t just a show; it’s an experience, a journey into the unknown, where the only thing predictable is sheer enjoyment. Here’s a sneak peek at what awaits you:

  • Improv to Music: Imagine a world where every musical note is as unpredictable as a roll of the dice. Our talented improvisers will create scenes, stories, and songs on the spot, all set to music. No scripts, no rehearsals, just pure, unadulterated improvisation!
  • Improvised Songs: Get ready for melodies and lyrics that have never been heard before – because they’ll be invented right in front of you! Witness the birth of songs that will live for one night only, making your experience truly unique.
  • Audience Participation: Be a part of the magic! Your suggestions will fuel the creativity on stage, making you an integral part of the performance. Who knows? The next song might just be about your idea!
  • Special Feature: We’re excited to announce that the talented local musician Kakaow will be joining us live! Experience the fusion of professional musicianship with the spontaneous brilliance of our improv artists.

Why Should You Come?

  • Unleash Your Creativity: Break free from the routine of scripted shows and predictable plots. Embrace the thrill of not knowing what comes next!
  • A Unique Blend: Music and comedy come together in a symphony of fun. It’s a combo that promises not just entertainment but an exhilarating escapade.
  • Support Local Talent: By joining us, you’re supporting local artists and musicians, fostering a community that celebrates creativity and innovation.
  • A Night to Remember: Whether you’re an improv enthusiast, a music lover, or just in need of a good laugh, “First Friday Show the Musical” is the place to be.

Get Your Tickets Now!

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind musical improv comedy extravaganza. Grab your tickets, bring your friends, and get ready for a night filled with tunes, titters, and top-notch entertainment.

Join us at Improv Kingston’s First Friday Show the Musical – where every moment is a premiere, and every laugh is a shared memory. See you there!

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