Live stand up comedy in Kingston


The Mansion
506 Princess St, Kingston,

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Apr 21 2024


7:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Comedian Sterling Scott live at the Mansion

Get ready to chuckle, chortle, and maybe even snort-laugh because Sterling Scott is coming to The Mansion, and he’s bringing a truckload of hilarity with him! Picture this: It’s Sunday, April 21st, 7 PM—you, your friends, and a room full of soon-to-be-new-friends are all gathered at The Mansion, waiting for the man of the hour. Sterling, a wizard of wit who snagged the “Golden Buzzer” on Canada’s Got Talent, is about to take you on a comedic rollercoaster. And let’s be honest, who needs a quiet Sunday evening when you can have Sterling Scott serving up his comedic feast?

Now, imagine the scene: Sterling steps up, the crowd goes wild (because, let’s face it, this guy is the human embodiment of the 😂 emoji), and you’re about to dive into an evening where your biggest worry is laughing so hard that your sides might split. And it’s not just Sterling; he’s bringing the comedic cavalry with Al Babcock and Simone Holder, ensuring your laugh tank stays full. This isn’t just any comedy night; it’s the one where you’ll laugh so hard, you’ll forget where you parked. So grab your tickets before they vanish like your composure when Sterling hits his punchline. Remember, missing out on this would be like winning a lottery ticket and forgetting to claim it – a total ‘facepalm’ moment!

The event is finished.