things to do in Kingston


Apr 27 2024


5:00 pm - 12:00 am

Board Game Night! at Studio 330

Gear up for an unforgettable evening of strategy, laughter, and camaraderie at Studio 330’s hosted by The Board Bartender on April 27th! From the timeless classics that defined our childhoods to the latest hits that have us glued to the table, Studio 330 is your gateway to an eclectic world of board games. Whether you’re a fan of the cutthroat competition of Monopoly®, the strategic conquests of Risk®, or the creative fun of Pictionary®, there’s something for everyone from 5 PM to Midnight. Get ready to dive into our vast collection that spans everything from the cunning tactics of Gangster® and the adventurous paths of Globetrotters® to the hilariously modern twists of Cards Against Humanity® and Telestrations After Dark®. It’s more than just a game night; it’s an opportunity to relive cherished memories and create new ones in Kingston’s premier board game hub.

At The Board Bartender, we believe that board games are a bridge to bringing people together, sparking joy, and igniting friendly competition. That’s why we’re thrilled to open our doors and invite you to a night where you can challenge your friends, strategize with your family, or even forge new friendships over a shared love for gaming. Online ticket details and contest information will be announced soon, promising an evening packed with excitement and surprises. So mark your calendars, gather your game-loving companions, and join us at Studio 330 for a night where every roll of the dice, every card drawn, and every move you make is a step towards fun. Can’t wait to see you there for a night where Kingston comes to play!

The event is finished.