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The Isabel Bader Centre
The Isabel Bader Centre
390 King St West

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Mar 12 2024


7:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Allison Russell with Aysanabee Live

Kingston’s Isabel Bader Centre is set to host a night of musical enchantment featuring the spellbinding talents of Allison Russell and Aysanabee. This eagerly awaited performance promises to be an auditory feast, blending the soulful melodies of Russell with the intricate guitar work of Aysanabee. Allison Russell, a celebrated figure in the folk and roots music scene, is known for her hauntingly beautiful songs that weave stories of resilience and hope. Her ability to connect with her audience through deeply personal narratives and lush, emotive soundscapes is unmatched. Her latest album has received critical acclaim for its artful blend of blues, folk, and soul, capturing the hearts of listeners worldwide. Adding to the evening’s allure, the multi-talented Aysanabee will bring his unique fusion of indie-folk and traditional sounds, showcasing his extraordinary musicianship and captivating storytelling.

The Isabel Bader Centre, with its stunning acoustics and intimate setting, is the perfect venue to experience the raw emotion and musical mastery of these artists. Audiences can look forward to a night of powerful lyrics, mesmerizing vocal harmonies, and spellbinding melodies. Russell’s soul-stirring performances, often accompanied by banjo or guitar, are a journey through her rich cultural tapestry, while Aysanabee’s songs are a seamless blend of contemporary sound and his Oji-Cree heritage. This performance is not just a concert; it’s an immersive experience that will leave the audience moved and inspired. Fans of authentic, heart-touching music will find this event to be a memorable highlight of Kingston’s cultural calendar.

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